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Name of of Professor Subject August 4, 2011 Gothic Architecture Goth is being branded by the young contemporary generation as something dark, emotional and spooky. To some extent, Goth is also used as a fashion statement and as a human condition…
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Gothic Style Architecture
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"Gothic Style Architecture"

Download file to see previous pages (White, 1993) The style is considered to be classical to some extent because it is prominent before the renaissance period came in. At the same time, it originated and had several modifications that were derived from the Romanesque Architecture. (Athena Publications, 1996) This style flourished during the Middle Ages, also known as Dark Ages. The most prominent and influential powers are the Church and the King. Feudal System flourished as well. In most cases, religion has a strong say about what happens in the society back then. However, Gothic period is also reflective of the low status of art during those times. (Thomas, 2000) Most of the Tribes of Goths, Vandals and the like had an intention of eliminating the Greco-Roman culture. (Thomas, 2000) Gothic Architecture was preceded by the Romanesque Architectural which also had arches and several huge domes. To some perspective, the Romanesque style influenced the way Gothic architecture presented itself in history. Mostly, the Romanesque Architecture had its traditions and conventions derived from the Greco-Roman Architectural style. (Athena Publications, 1996) Given that case, we cannot fully consider Gothic art and architecture as something that is highly valued. It’s dark stigma and stereotype manifests the dark period where it is confined and existed. However, despite of its depreciation from the people during that period, specifically the tribes, this downfall period is reflective of the exchange of light and dark art periods: Classical to Renaissance then to Baroque. (Thomas, 2000) Classical is more of dark, emotional themes and style in contrast to Renaissance which is more humanist and scientific. The Baroque which also values shadow and emotions are somehow related to the dark style the perpetrated the Classical or Gothic art and architecture period. What ultimately constitutes the conventions and technical aspects of the Gothic Architectural design? The Gothic Architecture is commonly known to have “specific structural elements, such as ribbed vaults, pointed arches, and the flying buttress.” (Kidson, 2011) Ribbed Vaults showed the ceiling structure that is somehow seen like a dome on the inside with intricate designs that are supported by the columns. (Athena Publications, 1996) These vaults provided a spacious ceiling that made the Gothic buildings spacious and huge not just outside but also inside. The pointed arches, on the other hand, are viewed on the external of these buildings. On the bare minimum, these arches contributed to the spacious appearance that is working in unison with the vaulted arches on the inside. At the same the arches also reflected the extravagance of the Gothic architecture. The flying buttresses have provided a different role in the existence of the Gothic Architecture. They are actually supporting the other structures of the Gothic Church, mainly the vault. (Athena Publications, 1996) They are usually attached to walls and act as a support to the vaults of the Gothic buildings. To some extent, they provide more spacious ceiling appearance. Even if Gothic Architecture has a certain specific style, several styles of it emanated depending on a specific geographical domain. All of them are relatively the same, however, the French, Italian and English Gothic Architectural design asserted their own identity. France is considered to be the birthplace of this architectural movement. At the same time, there was a strong ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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