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Persuasive Speech with outline - Essay Example

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General Purpose: Today, I would like to discuss the need for organ donors in our region, how you are capable of becoming an organ donor even after death, and lastly how your relatives and organ donor receivers gain from your donation.
II. Well, my seven year old nephew recently…
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Persuasive Speech with outline
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Extract of sample "Persuasive Speech with outline"

Persuasive Speech Persuasive Speech Organ Donation General Purpose: Today, I would like to discuss the need for organ donors in our region, how you are capable of becoming an organ donor even after death, and lastly how your relatives and organ donor receivers gain from your donation.
Specific Purpose: To convince my listeners to donate their organs and tissues when they pass away and make their consent to donate.
Part I: Visual Aids
Part II: Speech Introduction
I. What feelings do you get when you are waiting for something extremely important? What if it was something your life depended on?
II. Well, my seven year old nephew recently discovered he needed a kidney transplant. He immediately enlisted on the organ waiting list. In the course of a six month period, he was called two times claiming they had a kidney available just to discover the kidney was not a blood match. He was forced to wait longer. Fortunately, the third time was a charm. A young adult was involved in an accident and his kidney was a good match. My nephew’s story ended happily, but not so many actually do.
III. A relative or friend might one day be the person on an organ transplant waiting list.
IV. The need for more organ donors is always and it is incredibly simple to be an organ donor when you pass away.
I. I will start be informing you about the importance of organ donors.
A. Individuals across the globe, as well as here in our state, need organ transplants and they therefore require your help (Brezina, 2009, p. 15).
1. The tricky part is that there is a deficiency of organs and organ donors who make organ transfer conceivable (Stevens, 2008, p. 12).
2. As a result, organ donation efforts from each and every one of you are highly crucial and appreciated (Stevens, 2008, p. 12).
II. I am certain that you can perceive the need for individuals such as you to donate your organs. Most students in this class have already claimed they prefer donating their organs when they pass away. However, you might be questioning the certainty and trust of the donation of your organs after demise. That is what I am going to address now.
A. This is how you accomplish ensuring the donation of your organs after death.
1. Discuss about your choice with your relatives. Your relatives will be responsible for the donation preparations after your demise. If they are not aware of your choice of becoming a donor, your requests might be denied (Stevens, 2008, p. 12).
2. Label your driver’s license so that your license shows you have approved the donation of your organs. However, the requirements of every state differ (Stevens, 2008, p. 12).
III. As you have observed, becoming an organ donor is not hard. Now let us explore what might occur if you opt to donate your organs and what might happen if you decide otherwise.
A. The relatives and receivers of the organ donor gain the most.
1. If you choose to donate your organs, your relatives and recipients may gain similarly (Committee on Increasing Rates of Organ Donation, 2006, p. 256).
2. If you choose to donate your organs and eventually make no effort, no one knows your intent and your organs will not be donated. The consequences of this decision are that more people waiting for organs might end up dead while your organs could have saved their lives (Committee on Increasing Rates of Organ Donation, 2006, p. 256).
Part III: Conclusion
I. I have informed you about the need for organ donors in our region, the steps for becoming an organ donor after demise, and lastly, how your relatives and organ receivers gain from your donation.
II. As basketball athlete and financial supporter of the LifeGift Coalition on Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness Michael Jordan once said, sharing your decision is the same as sharing your life.
Brezina, C. (2009). Organ Donation: Risks, Rewards, and Research. California: The Rosen Publishing Group. Print.
Committee on Increasing Rates of Organ Donation. (2006). Organ Donation: Opportunities for Action. New York; National Academies Press. Print.
Stevens, H. (2008). How To Be An Organ Donor (And Why): New York: CemeterySpot Inc. Print. Read More
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Persuasive Speech With Outline Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Persuasive Speech With Outline Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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