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It's organizational leadership , How to convince and get people's trusts so that they will follow me and my instruction - Essay Example

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There are a lot of criteria of becoming a great leader in society. An individual who fulfills criteria of becoming a leader can have many followers. People who lead a country, big firms, and…
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Its organizational leadership , How to convince and get peoples trusts so that they will follow me and my instruction
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Extract of sample "It's organizational leadership , How to convince and get people's trusts so that they will follow me and my instruction"

Question: How to convince and get peoples trusts so that they will follow me and my instruction? Convincing people and making them follow instructions are typically a leader’s job. There are a lot of criteria of becoming a great leader in society. An individual who fulfills criteria of becoming a leader can have many followers. People who lead a country, big firms, and organizations are often influential. Notably, they are capable of making people obey their instructions in order to achieve the company’s goals. Therefore, there are ways of convincing people, and getting their minds to assist your works in order to achieve company goals. A leader should show his or her expertise to the society through a salient vision and an outstanding personality.
Debatably, proficiency with a prominent vision is one of the most crucial aspects in getting people’s attention. People will give credit to an individual if impressed by the person’s capability to overcome unexpected circumstances. Heathfield (2013) asserts that in order to follow a leader, individuals must be confident with the course which the leader pursues. This ability will assist in consolidating people together into a group with similar objectives, which will result to company success. Needless to say, the subordinates will follow the leader’s instructions entirely. For instance, Steve Job’s leadership qualities allow cultivation of innovation capabilities among his employers, which ensures production of new company products such as computers and cell phones, company progress and customer satisfaction.
Additionally, personality is extremely imperative to a leader. This is all about human’s common sense that determines which is right and wrong. Therefore, people can judge whether a person is outstanding or not. In this regard, individuals with a good personality can gather numerous people as their followers. Arguably, the society will love their personalities, follow them and obey their instructions. In essence, “the leader needs to have an attractive character combined with a pleasing behavior that leaves a lasting impression” (Cheng, 2010). For instance, Mother Teresa is one of the prominent examples of a great leader who expressed outstanding personality of helping impoverished children, people, and society. Until today, everyone still remembers her as a one of the great people in history. She is a leader who made people follow her attitude by doing great things.
It’s difficult to attract people to follow what one does. However, if an individual has a prominent vision and expertise, it marks the first step to having followers. People impressed with the individual will obey his or her instruction. Therefore, if people are leading a group of people, they can take this as an advantage to attain their organizational goals. Finally, other than expertise, showing personalities would be another option of generating followers.

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It's Organizational Leadership , How to Convince and Get people'S Essay.
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