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A government is a body that has the power to make and enforce laws within an organization or group. In the broadest sense, government means, to manage or supervise, whether over an area of land, a set of people, or a collection of assets. …
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Reasons for trust Government
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A government is a body that has the power to make and enforce laws within an organization or group. In the broadest sense, government means, to manage or supervise, whether over an area of land, a set of people, or a collection of assets. The primary duty of a government is to reward the people who do good things and punish the wrongdoers.
Reasons for trust Government:
Government always tries to protect one from his or her neighbors; however, a sovereign of one country is not necessarily sovereign over the people of another country. The need for people to defend themselves against potentially thousands of non-neighbors necessitates a national defense mechanism. Militaries are created to deal with the highly complex task of confronting large numbers of enemies.
As one of the most important role government always provide security and enforce Law to us for our wellbeing. The instruments that are used for this purpose are Police, the management of Identity documents etc.
Governments works for increasing peoples survival potentials, and in that same purpose, governments became involved in manipulating and managing regional economies. One of a great many examples would be Wang Mangs attempt to reform the currency in favor of the peasants and poor in ancient China.
Governments play a major role (with importance varying from a country to another) in contributing to the health of the cititzens. This role includes funding (directectly or indirectly via subsidies) and even manageing the healthcare system. It also intervene by elaborating Laws aiming at protecting the health of the citizens.
It is government, who plays a central role in participating to the education of the citizens. In particular it finances (directly or via subsidizing) a huge portion of the educational system.
Reasons for not to trust Government:
Now a days government comes the entity with the ambition of get in power again and again rather than do something well for citizens. Before election they do several promise and forget after winning the election, so they are not believable entity.
There is a flip side to the phenomenon of peoples ability to view a government as a friend because they share the governments religious views. People with opposing religious views will have a greater tendency to view that government as their enemy. A good example would be the condition of Catholicism in England before the Catholic Emancipation. Protestants whose were politically dominant in England, used political, economic and social means to reduce the size and strength of Catholicism in England over the 16th to 18th centuries.
Whereas capitalists in a capitalist country may tend to see that nations government as their friend, a class-aware group of industrial workers a proletariat may see things very differently. If the proletariat wishes to take control of the nations productive resources and they are blocked in their endeavors by continuing adjustments in the law made by capitalists in the government,then the proletariat will come to see the government as their enemy, especially if the conflicts become violent e.g. Russia during the reign of Catherine the Great, may revolt against their landlords, only to find that their revolution is put down by government troops.
In early human history, the outcome of war for the defeated was often enslavement. The enslaved people would not find it easy to see the conquering government as a friend.
In the most basic sense, a people of one nation will see the government of another nation as the enemy when the two nations are at war. Example, the people of Carthage saw the Roman government as the enemy during the Punic wars.
Government is sometimes an enemy and sometimes a friend of the citizens of this government. Government exalts some of its citizens and oppresses others. At times, governments can be aligned with its citizens religious, economic and social views, and at other times misaligned. Governments role has gone from providing basic security to concern in religious affairs to control of national economies and eventually to providing lifelong social security. The controversies over how large, how powerful and how intrusive governments should become will likely continue for the remainder of human history.
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Reasons for Trust Government Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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