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The Historical and Socio-political Context on the Poor - Essay Example

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In the UK, particularly in England and Wales, children’s life chances are determined by the economic status of the families into which they are a part of. Children from poor households are more likely to suffer the consequences of their families’ condition. They will have to…
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The Historical and Socio-political Context on the Poor
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Extract of sample "The Historical and Socio-political Context on the Poor"

Download file to see previous pages It is within this wider perspective that this essay analyses child welfare services in the UK, particularly in Wales. The essay begins by providing a brief overview of the historical influences, ideological framework, and organisation and delivery of child welfare services in the UK. It afterwards presents an overview of the nature and level of child poverty in the region and a comprehensive analysis of the efforts of the UK government and the Welsh Assembly Government to address the problem.
Since the beginning of the welfare state, concern for child poverty by consecutive UK administrations has varied. Even though rates of child poverty in the earlier period were comparatively low in comparison to the current period, issues were raised with regard to whether the Beveridge approach—health care services are provided and funded through taxes, also called ‘socialised medicine model’—was sufficient to safeguard children from economic instability (Walker, 1999, p. 155). In the 1980s and 1990s, the rates of child poverty increased dramatically, manifesting high rates of unemployment and instability in international economy. Much expectation and optimism arose during the introduction of the UK Labour Government in 1997. Former Prime Minister Tony Blair backed up this expectation in 1999 in his speech (Waldfogel, 2010, p. 34): “Our historic aim will be for ours to be the first generation to end child poverty”.
National objectives were eventually formulated. There was a programme to cut down the rate of poverty by 2005 and to eliminate child poverty completely by 2020 (Bevan Foundation, 2010, p. 30). In the meantime, in Wales, there was general advocacy or this motivation and determination to address child poverty. The former Minister for Children reconfirmed the stance of the Welsh Assembly Government in 2004: ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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