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Ten Years: Note-taking, Conceptual Mapping, and Comparing - Essay Example

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From 1968 to 1978, several events in San Francisco reflected radical shifts in social, economic, political, cultural, and gender ideologies. A number of my relatives recounted times in their youth, when they participated in the civil rights movement of this decade. …
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Ten Years: Note-taking, Conceptual Mapping, and Comparing
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"Ten Years: Note-taking, Conceptual Mapping, and Comparing"

Download file to see previous pages Uncle George remembers when he supported the protest against the eviction of elderly Filipino residents, who lived in the International Hotel. He told me: “I felt it. The feeling of giving everything you’ve got to a country that chooses to abandon you, when you need them the most. These were our war veterans. People worked hard to build the nation, but they were thrown out like rats.” He stressed: “We lost the hotel, but we gained a deeper hunger and drive for social justice.” The story of the International Hotel is only one of the numerous essays in Ten Years That Shook the City. In this book, Chris Carlsson compiled articles that illustrated the diverse fibers that interconnected community struggles and movements in San Francisco. These essays supported the main argument that the shaking of the times came from the clash between the oppressors and the oppressed, wherein the latter found their voice and actively opposed their marginalized conditions. General collegiate readers need to develop reading strategies that will help them engage this text, because of the complex concepts and issues they discussed, especially when illustrating changing ideological beliefs and exploring the tensions among conflicting social and racial groups. Multi-lingual students, especially non-native speakers, may need help in understanding the text’s political, economic, social, and gender assumptions, biases, and aspirations. This paper proposes several reading strategies that will help readers understand the main points of the essays, the evidence they use, and how they are connected to one another. It asks readers to read each article three times, with each reading following specific reading practices. In order to fully understand and appreciate the themes and main points of Ten Years That Shook the City, I recommend a three-stage reading process that starts with taking notes of the purposes of each paragraph and identifying questions about vocabulary and concepts in the first reading, summarizing and analyzing points and claims for the second reading through concept mapping, and comparing and contrasting selected essays to determine primary similarities and differences in beliefs, goals and means of achieving them, themes, and experiences during this ten-year period. The first reading is the most difficult part, because it gives an initial glimpse into the individual experiences of each writer. These writers have diverse beliefs, socio-economic and cultural backgrounds, and aspirations, and these factors affect how they write, why they write, and what they write about, or not write about. For readers to attain a fulfilling first reading, it is recommended that they read and take notes at the same time. For their notes, students should determine the purpose of each paragraph, including its topic sentence, evidence (if included), and goal. In the essay of Chris Carlsson, “Shaken, AND Stirred,” the first paragraph summarizes the role of the decade in driving widespread local and national social changes. The purpose of the paragraph is to explain the context of the essays. Moreover, it shows the primary argument that these struggles represent the foundation of the civil rights movement. In the article, “Filipino Americans in the Decade of the International Hotel,” Estella Habal describes the struggles of Filipino Americans, as several of their elderly people were evicted from the International Hotel. The first paragraph explains the setting and portrays the background of the primary stakeholders of the eviction: the elderly Filipinos, who served as workers in the agricultural industry, provided services to residents, and fought ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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