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Organizational Behavior - Leading and Motivating Iranian Employees - Essay Example

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These last years because of sanction and limitations in importing and exporting, the company faced some new problems. Workers are not motivated anymore. The first raw material for printing machines is not…
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Organizational Behavior - Leading and Motivating Iranian Employees
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Extract of sample "Organizational Behavior - Leading and Motivating Iranian Employees"

Download file to see previous pages Rial has depreciated significantly hence first raw materials are more expensive to purchase and the customers expect no changes in price and quality of final products. If you charge them more they will go to your competitors. If you don’t charge them more for your expenses, you will not earn your overheads and the company will go bankrupt. Beside sanction there are internal and external factors that affect Dorna Company and its employees. This paper will discuss why money in Iran is the most important incentive and motivator for workers, if there are any other factors that motivate an Iranian worker and how can we lead them in order to achieve organizational goals.
Salary is one of the main factors that motivate employees’ performance in an organization. While in other countries like Switzerland, employees tend to also care for other criteria in a job aside from money - vacations (Keller) and days-of etc.higher positions (Staff), etc - for Iranian employees it with easy to get motivated once salary is raised or rewarded by more money as a bonus or commission. But imagine if this system goes on each time a manager wants to motivate his employees or encourage them to do a task.
Dorna is a printing company, which has been running for 35 years. Dorna became one of the most famous and reliable printing companies in Tehran and its success was derived from two main factors. First the use of up-to-date high technology equipment imported from Germany, plus the well trained team of staff who was sent to Europe to get their education and certificates in the printing field. These last years because of sanction (Denis Balibouse) and limitations in importing and exporting, the company faced some new problems. Workers are not motivated anymore. The first raw material for printing machines is not available as before, therefore the company is unable to perform a routine. The prices are not as cheap as the period before the sanctions since the Iranian Rial has depreciated ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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