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Organizational Behavior - How a successful Iranian based company like Hirbodan is surviving in tough times of sanctions against Iran - Research Paper Example

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Its main services are procurement, construction, and engineering across quite a number of industries. Its main objective is to become a leading contractor in the energy sector…
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Extract of sample "Organizational Behavior - How a successful Iranian based company like Hirbodan is surviving in tough times of sanctions against Iran"

Download file to see previous pages Hibordan organizational structure contributed to its success (Sigh 12). They have a well-structured organization pattern where the Board of directors seats a top, the mid level management, and then lower management. This kind of structure facilitates decision-making and coordination of members in an organization. They use a technique in management called theory Y in motivation of its employees. Under these theory employees show commitment to goals and accept responsibility. Theory Y has enable Hirbodan to have a goal-oriented workforce (Champoux 16).
Iranian economy has suffered a lot from the sanctions imposed by the international community. Sanction imposed on the government of president Ahmedinejhad, include ban on Iranian oil, which is the backbone of Iranian economy. This has affected several industries Hirbodan included. To worsen the situation President Amedinajhad’s plan on reforms on subsidy of 2010 removed subsidies on electricity and water affected industries. Iranian currency depreciated much making the cost of living rise and inflation skyrocketed (Sigh 18). The cost of running of a company turned high due to high cost of importing raw materials. The effects on Iran are adverse that companies are hoping for the best to have an enabling environment for investment. Hirbodan Rose against all odds and wage the storm, due to its strong foundation and the expertise offered by the founding professional. It coordinated with companies in Engineering, procurement& construction (EPC) to have its operations outside Iran (Sapru 36).
According to the chairperson of Hirbodan, their success during hard times was through definitive strategies and logical solutions to firm’s problems, which include; reduction of financial debt in both local and foreign banks. It focused on means of increasing revenue to trade on real estate. They created teams to deal with opportunities and threats then sort problems ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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