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An Ideal Ethical Organization - Essay Example

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Working in an organization which is a world leader in its chosen field and also adopting best ethical practices is every employee’s dream too. Why is it then that we have corporate…
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An Ideal Ethical Organization
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Extract of sample "An Ideal Ethical Organization"

AN IDEAL ETHICAL ORGANIZATION An Ideal Ethical Organization Introduction Leading an organization that is high on performance and integrity is every leaders dream. Working in an organization which is a world leader in its chosen field and also adopting best ethical practices is every employee’s dream too. Why is it then that we have corporate indiscretion, wrongdoing, unlawful behavior, and corruption at all levels so widespread in organizations all over the world? How do we develop an organization where both the leadership and the employees adhere to best practices to maintain high standards of performance and ethical values?
Ethical behavior in organizations is in focus today. It is important to recognize that it is not just a few rotten apples that spoil the broth, but the personal values of employers, employees and the environment that play a vital role in encouraging ethical conduct. Broadly, three pieces of a jumbled puzzle are to be put in place to promote ethical behavior (Mayer, 2011), viz. Ethical leadership, ethical practices and ethical environment. It is also pertinent to mention that the management and employees of an organization can be groomed and trained to develop high ethical standards.
Ethical Leadership
Ethical behavior follows a top down approach. If the leadership and the top management follow sound practices, it percolates to the lower formations encouraging most employees to follow suit (Butts, 2007). Keeping the best interests of the organization, employees and customer in mind is of primary importance when the management takes any decision. Key behavioral factors to build a high ethical standard include conduct of personal life in an ethical manner, make fair decisions and being trustworthy. In addition, prompt disciplining of employees violating the ethical codes, discussing business ethics and values with employees and above all the ability to make decisions based on the question, What is the right thing to do? go a long way in building a highly ethical organization.
Ethical Practices
Practices are activities repeated and recognized in an organization. At least six critical practices have been identified through research for building a highly ethical organization which include recruitment, training, Policies, Rewards, Accountability and Decision-making (Collins, 2009). The process of recruitment and selection must be ethical. Recruit employees with strong ethical values. Ethics training is essential for providing proper orientation to all employees. Attendance of these training classes must be mandatory for all employees. The importance of ethics while performing their job is to be given special emphasis. It must be made clear to all employees that the policies and codes of ethics are to be strictly adhered to and that defaulters would be dealt with accordingly. Providing positive strokes in the form of rewards for ethical decisions and punishments for violations play a significant role in ethical behavior. All employees must be held accountable and responsible for their actions and the outcomes. Finally, the right thing to do must be given due importance in all decision making.
Ethical Environment
Sound leadership and continued practice of ethics will build the ethical image of the organization amongst employees and beyond. In a highly ethical environment, it can be observed that employees display skill in recognizing ethical issues and also in resolving such issues the right way. The employees would not feel pressured to compromise the ethical standards to achieve any other objective of the organization in such an environment. An amalgamation of the right environment along with the right leadership and right practices will ensure that a organization has high ethical standards.
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