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Public Administration and Business Management - Essay Example

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The paper tells that the main difference that exists between public administration and business management is that the field of public administration pays emphasis to government based management and business management pays emphasis to management of organizations that operate in the corporate world…
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Public Administration and Business Management
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Extract of sample "Public Administration and Business Management"

Corporate organizations are involved in the business of making policies and rules and regulations through which they manage the private and the public sector. Businesses have to ensure that they abide by the policies set by the public administrators in order to ensure that they do not cross the line and fall in the category of anti-social organizations (Denhardt, 2011, p.51). Business management even involves the facet of managing people but they can only control the behavior of those people that are working within the organizations and set policies to govern these individuals (Denhardt, 2009, p.5). Those students who are involved in the study of public management learn about managing the macro level of the common population and those individuals who are enrolled in business management courses are involved in the learning of how to manage people at a micro-level. Another reason due to which business management cannot be referred to as public administration is that the rules of business management are obtained from the policies and guidelines created by the people who are related to the field of public administration.  Read More
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