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Political communication - Essay Example

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These were the dynamic words used by the United Kingdom government to encourage people to help stop swine flu during its outbreak in 2009. Before the campaign, there were already cases of admission in hospitals and deaths of a number of people…
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Political communication
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Extract of sample "Political communication"

Download file to see previous pages Since the flu affects every individual regardless of gender, cultural background or economic status, the campaign is directed to all the people in United Kingdom. Special attention is also given to people coming in the country because they may be bringing the virus just like in the case of the two infected persons confined in a hospital in Scotland who arrived from Mexico (Wake Up Britain, 2009).
The campaign aimed to warn people about the dangers of swine flu and at the same time educate them on how to prevent getting infected or infecting others if they suspect they already have the virus. The government used different media such as flyers (Charles, 2009; Department of Health, 2009; NHS & DHSSPS), radio and television broadcast as well as the internet to communicate the information. They hit the right target audience because with the characteristics of the flu, no one is invulnerable. The flyers contained complete information about swine flu and extended more information by giving numbers which people could call in case they need to be educated more about the virus (NHS & DHSSPS, 2009). However, it should be considered that not all who receive leaflets really read them completely. The television advertisement (Department of Health, 2009) can be considered to have effectively relayed the message to the different kinds of people by using models of different races genders and ages. It was short, clear and concise. However, the campaign was quite short and fails to expound on the seriousness of the advice being given. Nevertheless, this could also be understandable because when the campaign was done, everybody seemed to have been well-informed about the swine flu already. Perhaps it could be safe to say that the television is the most accessible medium of information because it is often used for relaxation and people do not need to read what is presented on the screen. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Political Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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