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Martin Luther King's speech 'I see the promised land' discuss the impact of rhetoric in political communication - Essay Example

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Impact of Rhetoric in Political Communication Impact of Rhetoric in Political Communication Rhetorical communication through public speaking and writing is persuasive, motivational and inspirational enough to bring about a political or social change…
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Martin Luther Kings speech I see the promised land discuss the impact of rhetoric in political communication
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Extract of sample "Martin Luther King's speech 'I see the promised land' discuss the impact of rhetoric in political communication"

Download file to see previous pages The art of rhetoric in communication has been a powerful tool used by people to acquire their goal. History has many famous examples where rhetoric has been used in communication by leaders and activists in the struggle to attain success in a political or social cause. The most famous example is of Martin Luther King whose speeches and writings were rhetorical. He is said to have had excellent powers of oration. Through his powers of verbal, oral and written communication, he was successful in attaining civil rights for his people living in America and who were the citizens of America. Thus, he introduced a society free from color and racial differences where each and every citizen was respected and had equal civil rights. Understanding the Correct Meaning of Rhetoric Rhetoric has many definitions. Along with a positive meaning, the term is sometimes also taken in a negative sense in the current era. Shortly and precisely, it is a “skill in the effective use of speech.” (Merriam Webster). In cases where rhetoric is being used to communicate insincerely with the presence of false exaggeration and promises and there is a lot of diplomacy, the negative meaning becomes prevalent which is the “insincere and grandiloquent mode of language or speech.” (Merriam Webster). Here, the positive and actual meaning of rhetoric is being considered. According to Burton, rhetoric is “the study of effective speaking and writing, and the art of influencing.” (2011). In his short article, ‘What is rhetoric?’, Burton says that the word has had a variety of meanings. He says that rhetoric focuses on the how of the language, the methods and means of communication rather than the content of what is being communicated. It studies the emotional impact of language and its effectiveness. It breaks communication into content and form. (2011). Relation between Communication Models and Rhetoric McQuail and Windhl (1993) wrote a book titled “Communication Models for the Study of Mass Communications” in which they gave the main communication ideas or models for the mass communication procedures and vital concepts pertinent throughout graphical and oral concepts and models. Topics that they discuss under the communication models include: 1. Global or International or Cross-border Communications. 2. Procedures of Mass Media and its influence on the Individuals Culture and Society. 3. Premeditated Communication. 4. Audience-Centered Models. 5. New Media and the Information Society. (Holborn Books Review, 2010). Communication models tell us how effective communication should be carried out. Hence, the study of use rhetoric in language can be associated with them. Such models describe how an audience can be effectively conveyed a message so that there can be a social or political (or any other change) through mass correspondence and support. Taking an example of a communication model which is called “two- way asymmetric model”, this model is also called the persuasion model. In this model, there is two- way communication between the speaker and the public. In this way, the speaker understands the public he is addressing by getting their feedback on issues and then can plan a way to convey his message to receive a positive response keeping in mind what the public wants. (McQuail and Windhl, 1993). Use of behavioral and social sciences helped in the development of this model. Scientific study of human mind and psychology and its application in effective communi ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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