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English2 - Essay Example

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This paper reviews an article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal by Joseph B White and was titled “ Five New Technologies to make Driving Easier”; the article provides a detailed review of the phenomenal revolution that is rapidly gripping the auto industry in the…
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This paper reviews an article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal by Joseph B White and was d “ Five New Technologies to make Driving Easier”; the article provides a detailed review of the phenomenal revolution that is rapidly gripping the auto industry in the recent times. The article portrays the changing attitudes and tastes in the auto industry for both the auto manufacturers and their customers, which are shaping the future strategic direction of the industry as a whole. New technologies such as night vision systems, inflatable seatbelts, customized dashboards, ninth level gear and computerized driving systems are taking up the auto industry by storm.
As the title suggests, the article is about five new technologies in the auto industry that are geared towards easing the burden of driving in modern times; these technologies are meant to make driving easier, especially for the safety conscious drivers. The article lists a number of technologies that are slowly revolutionizing the auto industry, and soon, are going to be the market driving forces for the entire auto industry. The main idea/thesis of this article is that, to attract the safety conscious drivers, some carmakers are revolutionizing the auto industry through the introduction of innovative and highly exotic technologies. The main goal of this article is to highlight some of the major technologies that are rapidly emerging in the auto industry, and the market trends that arise thereafter accordingly; the safety conscious drivers are being attracted to the new designs, and as tastes and preferences change, the said technology inevitably becomes cheaper.
The article is highly objective and informative given that it not only comes from an authoritative source, but it also goes ahead to provide reputable examples and statistical evidence that backs the arguments it makes. In this respect, the points are strongly argued out to a logically satisfactory level, without bias of any sort or inaccuracies as the information can be verified as well.
The writer of the article adopts a levelheaded tone that is strikingly informative as well as declarative; this is highly effective because it lends credence to the article by making it authoritative to the readers. The points are logically sequenced to allow for a regular flow of thought and cohesion in the arguments, an attempt by the writer at being communicative both effectively and efficiently. The target audience for this article is comprised of the safety conscious drivers and carmakers in the modern auto industry, who are interested in revolutionizing the industry. The safety conscious drivers are introduced to car features that may be of interest to them, whereas the carmakers, on the other hand, are enlightened on the current trends in the auto industry. These two groups will find the article very informative and newsworthy because it will enable them make informed decisions that will eventually determine the strategic direction of the auto industry.
Ultimately, the article comprehensively discusses the major technologies that are coming up in the auto industry but the writer could have done more on the introduction and conclusion parts. The article almost begins in the middle of nowhere and ends suddenly without any attempts at concluding its arguments for the readers to consolidate their gains from the readership just concluded. However, the article stands out strikingly authoritative and informative, especially for the safety conscious drivers and carmakers that are keen to attract this group. Read More
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