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Decision Support System and Business Intelligence - Essay Example

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This paper "Decision Support System and Business Intelligence" focuses on the fact that decision support system (DSS) refers to a computer application program that is used to analyze and present data so that the users of such data can then apply the results to make business decisions. …
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Decision Support System and Business Intelligence
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Extract of sample "Decision Support System and Business Intelligence"

Download file to see previous pages To arrive at the desired data analysis results, a Decision support system can be either fully computerized, fully human-operated, or a combination of both, where a person can feed data into the Decision support system program, and then run the program so that it generates the desired data for use in decision making. An example of a fully computerized Decision support system is a system that is applied to compare the sales figure of one week from the other, after having collected data regarding all the sales figures of the business throughout the week from the system. A Decision support system that provides projected sales and revenue figures for the future, after assumption figures regarding the same are fed into the computer application program forms a human-computer combined DSS, while an application program that is used to analyze the effect of adapting certain decisions as opposed to others forms an example of a fully human DSS. The analysis function of the Decision support system serves to make the decision-making process for the management easier since it simplifies bulk data and makes it more understandable.

Business intelligence refers to the methodologies, technologies, architecture, theories and techniques that are combined under one umbrella, to change raw data into simplified and useful information that has some meaningful business sense, which is then applied by the management of a business to make various decisions regarding its operations. This combined set of mechanisms takes in some unstructured data and sorts it out, to help identify the existing opportunities for a business, or even to develop such new opportunities, which the business can then take advantage of to continue its growth strategy while achieving a competitive edge over the others. Business intelligence provides a range of processed and analyzed information ranging from the historical, current and future projections of business operations and then reports the same to the management of the business to take the necessary actions.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Decision Support System and Business Intelligence Essay.
(Decision Support System and Business Intelligence Essay)
Decision Support System and Business Intelligence Essay.
“Decision Support System and Business Intelligence Essay”.
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Data on an organization's external operating environment, as well as internal operational information, is included and an interactive interface allows managers to retrieve and manipulate data. Modeling techniques are used to examine the results of alternative courses of action” (Decision support system.2007). Later on, DSS contributed to several domains, one of them is the healthcare sector. The Armed Forces Longitudinal Technology Application (AHLTA) is an internationally recognized medical and dental information management system that provides a safe and secure online accessibility to the military health systems (MHS) reports of beneficiary. Medical clinicians, who are deployed in various medical treatment facilities worldwide,...
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...? Decision Support System Decision Support System Introduction With the evolution of computer technology, organizations have taken up the advantages they offer in storage and processing of information to enhance their decision making processes. Typically, a decision support system will comprise of set of several integrated computer programs to collect, analyze and process information obtained through the daily operations of businesses, and use this information to inform management decisions. There is continuous development of such programs so that businesses can obtain modern, fast and up to date packages for use in their daily operation. Information technology experts are investing heavily in finding out the trends of IT uptake...
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...Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) DSS (Decision Support System) is "an interactive, flexible, and adaptable computer-based information system, especially developed for supporting the solution of a non-structured management problem for improved decision making (Turban E, 1995). Decision support systems vary greatly in their complexity, function and application. The key application of DSS in health care and clinical practice is to support clinical diagnosis and treatment plan processes. The medical procedure is a sort of decision network diagnosis, prognosis, the therapeutic and the treatment follow-up. These activities are quite complex and an aid tool is required specially during the prognosis...
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...Running Head Decision Support System Decision Support System The future of management depends upon successful application of theories and concepts and their adaptation to new environmental conditions. Chapters 12 and 13, Simulation and Decision Analysis, will help a manager to predict future changes and adapt organizational strategies to new conditions. Simulation will help management to test their hypothesis and predict possible alternatives. Decision Analysis will help management to analyze and evaluate strategic change and predict possible threats and weaknesses. In accepting change as a constant, marketing management recognizes that customers and consumers change; markets change continuously; and the products and services...
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Decision Support System Technologies

Internet is one of the major technological drivers to bring those changes. As a result, now businesses are going global, physical boundaries are getting meaningless. One of the major outcomes of this technological influence on the businesses was the development of the information systems.
Initially, in late 1950's and early 1960's, these information systems used to do batch processing, generating a limited number of reports. Later on, these systems keep on growing and ultimately emerged in to ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning). ERPs were highly integrated systems that helped to automate and integrate various business operations. However, what was really missing even then was the support to decision making capabilities. As th...
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...Decision Support System is an application that is used by companies to provide well analyzed and designed results to the users to help make informed decisions (Marakas, 2002). The main difference between Decision Support System (DSS) and Management Information Systems (MIS) is that the MIS is a system or process that is used by companies to gain complete information that is needed to manage the organization effectively. MIS mainly deals with people, technology and procedures that can be improved to solve business problems (Marakas, 2002). The DSS however, is a computer application and this involves knowledge based systems which help in better overall decision making. The DSS has four main components which include: a) User Interface, b...
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Decision Support and Business Intelligence systems

...Decision Support and Business Intelligence Systems al Affiliation Data warehouse According to Inmon (2002), data warehouse consists of integrated, subject oriented databases that bear the DSS function, at which each point the available data is relevant to a given time period. Mattison (2006), on the other hand, defines data warehouse as consisting of large group of computer initiatives whose major goal is to dig out information from legacy systems and make it usable to business persons, supporting their endeavor towards cost reduction and revenue advantage. Incorporation of data from a number of different sources into a repository data hub, storing not only current data, but also historical data to be used for developing trending reports...
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... al Affiliation) Q1: Data warehouse is the repository of the historical and current data of an organization that is deemed important to management in decision making support. how the data is extracted from the organization’s operational systems and how the data is created as the snapshots for history. This helps in handling emergency queries and scheduled reports. Data warehouse also helps in performing complex analysis and queries. It supports data analysis and decision support by having data organized in a form ready to undergo analytical processing through activities like querying, data mining and reporting. It is thus characterized by subject, integration, time and volatility. Subject-oriented – this is the type of data warehousing...
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Decision Support System

... would be the solution to data processing for with a clinical business environment. The ability of the system to work on multi-format data, process big data and provide clear tabulation is unique and provides a quick way of processing information and generating business intelligence (Turban, Sharda, Delen & Efraim, 2007). The unique features of this system will help managers within the health services to overcome the challenges of business monitoring, evaluation and decision making. Data-Driven DSS as Clinical Decision Support Tool In the era of technological advancement and a time of healthy information technology proliferation, a number of health agencies have integrated technology within their operations. Mayo Clinic is one of the health...
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Decision Support System

At the grass root level knowledge work is usually the source of unique and new ideas. According to Urban (2011), Knowledge workers are known to be very autonomous; therefore, for a company to be successful trust must be built for the company to create a competitive advantage. Knowledge workers include accountants, engineers, architects, software engineers, academics and lawyers. Knowledge workers widely apply decision support systems when performing their duties. It is necessary to comprehend the usefulness of Decision Support Systems to knowledge workers by analyzing its historical development, contemporary uses, pros and cons, and reasons for use in business settings.
Decision support systems involve the implementation, use,...
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