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Public Administration: business and government - Essay Example

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Businesses interact with government to not only seek guidance in distinguishing between legally permissible and impermissible businesses, but also…
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Public Administration: business and government
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Download file to see previous pages ment that have both direct and indirect effects on exports and imports, business entrepreneurs need to be in constant contact with the government to gain competitive advantage in the market by making careful investment only in products and services that have a large scope in the society in which the business flourishes. On the other hand, governments interact with businesses because they have personal stakes as well as concerns for the public. Many government officials are shareholders of big enterprises and corporations. Besides, governments need to ensure that businesses are legally permissible and function to serve the needs of the society. A clear understanding of the relationship between the public and private sector is necessary in order to identify their individualistic and collective interests and the way, both interact to serve personal needs as well as the needs of the larger society that they make part of. In addition to that, this understanding helps in the planning and development of strategies to help both the sectors overcome their shortcomings and maximize their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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