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Literature Review ------The difference of Modern organization communication between China and America - Assignment Example

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Interpersonal communication has become a vital issue, especially within multinationals where people from different cultures are involved. Interpersonal…
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Literature Review ------The difference of Modern organization communication between China and America
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Extract of sample "Literature Review ------The difference of Modern organization communication between China and America"

Download file to see previous pages The American model of interpersonal communication is individual-based and tends to address the self within an organization (Lowry, Cao, & Everard, 2011). It is basically a symbolic process that brings people together, in which case, the participants use verbal and others forms of communication to persuade others for individual and professional benefit (Chia, 1995). This form of communication is premised upon and influenced by interactive traditions that can be traced from fundamental and common facial norms.
All Americans tend to be at peace with a positive face, which generally convinces neighbors or associates to show respect and or recognition for an individual. Negative facial communication, for example, communicates the need for liberty for an individual (Lowry, Cao, & Everard, 2011).
According to Samowar, Porter, and McDaniel (2011), the American norm of interpersonal communication as replicated in the face concept is that when an individual joins a gathering, and they modify their face to be in line with the main agenda being discussed. At this point, Americans often tend to relay information about themselves to others, through verbal and nonverbal means of communication. The recipients receive the communication and assess it by comparing the various forms of communication for consistency. As a result, the individual’s assessment of the parties in a conversation or communication controls and dictates the exchange of messages. The American society, therefore perceives interpersonal communication as a game involving two individuals whereby information from each other’s independence pays out, and which can only be sustained by how rational is an individual. Other factors include individual beliefs, and tactful maneuvers of each other’s facial expression through verbal and nonverbal means of social interaction.
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