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Interpersonal Relationships in Business - Coursework Example

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The paper "Interpersonal Relationships" highlights that knowing the principles and misconceptions of interpersonal communications and then removing potential barriers to the successful delivery of the message are two key factors for success in positive workplace communications…
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Interpersonal Relationships in Business
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Extract of sample "Interpersonal Relationships in Business"

Download file to see previous pages Positive communication at work requires dynamic professionals with knowledge of their emotional intelligence levels, the misconceptions and principles of effective interpersonal communications, and recognizing potential barriers to effective communications.

“Interpersonal communication is the communication that takes place between people, made up of both verbal and nonverbal elements” (Texas A&M University, 2008, p.2). Verbal elements include the vocal contact being made between two or more individuals such as when speaking on the telephone or discussing work team objectives face-to-face. Nonverbal communications include items such as body language and posturing which often give real-life cues about what a person is really thinking about certain interpersonal communications occurring. For example, a discussion in the workplace regarding high levels of employee turnover might have the receiver shifting on her feet, which suggests that the receiver is uninterested or anxious about the information being sent.

The previous example of interpersonal communications occurring between two workplace individuals shows how a business leader must be aware of nonverbal elements when they are considering how best to positively reach the receiving audience. In some situations, workplace colleagues in the group environment might, publicly, indicate that they are satisfied with the topic of discussion. However, throughout the sender’s presentation of communication, he may notice that the group is often looking at his presentation with skepticism by noticing that the group’s eyebrows are raised or with moderate grimaces occurring about the topic of discussion. In this scenario, it would be ineffective interpersonal communications if the sender were to continue with his presentation even though the nonverbal cues are clearly showing that the group is dissatisfied. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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