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Discussion Board Questions 2 - Essay Example

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One of the major advantages of conveying a realistic recruitment message as opposed to portraying a job in a way that the organisation thinks that the job applicant want to hear is that it leads to a reduced turnover and a higher job satisfaction. Based on the fact that majority…
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Discussion Board Questions 2
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Discussion Board Questions 2 30th January Question One of the major advantages of conveyinga realistic recruitment message as opposed to portraying a job in a way that the organisation thinks that the job applicant want to hear is that it leads to a reduced turnover and a higher job satisfaction. Based on the fact that majority of the potential employees are eager to join organisations that will expose them to career development and more skills, providing realistic messages make them to be ready to cope up with challenges that will assist them in attaining their goals. Another advantage as argued by Jones (2008) is that the employer looks concerned about the job applicants an aspect that make potential employees to feel secured leading to an increase on the level of motivation thus enhancing their productivity. Similarly, realistic recruitment message helps the employers to hire committed and satisfied employees. This is based on the fact that the potential employees have various options implying that they are ready to work and are focused at attaining their own goals and those of their chosen organisation.
Question 2
One of the key characteristics of an effective promotion policy is that it should be clearly communicated. In this way, individuals relying on the promotion policies during their decision making process are able to make reliable and coherent decisions. Secondly, a reliable promotion policy must clearly define the opportunities and the responsibilities of the employees. This will not only avoid the confusion among the employees but also it will enable them to be focused at attaining their own goals as well as those of the organisations. An effective promotion policy must outline rules related to benefits, compensation, and advancement in the work places. As a result, workers will feel secured thus reducing the rate of labor turnover and cases of absenteeism thus enhancing productivity of an organisation.
Question 3
A decision maker should collect adequate information regarding the number of employees that are needed by an organisation to accomplish short term and long term goals. For instance, a newly established firm must take into consideration the high initial capital that calls for adequate staff to avoid high expenses that may reduce the initial profits. In the same way, decisions makers must consider the level of skills and competence that are needed to undertake a particular job. In this way, they will be in a position to hire qualified employees that posses relevant qualifications to undertake the outlined duties.
Question 4
To avoid legal difficulties during the initial selection decisions, organisations should provide potential employees with adequate and reliable messages. In this way, job applicants will be in a better position to make decisions without seeking legal support thus avoiding the employers from incurring expenditures to pursue legal cases. To avoid legal difficulties during the selection process, it is imperative for organisations to include all the department managers and senior personnel including the human resources manager to deliberate on all the matters involving the recruitment process. This way, each of the stakeholders will feel part and parcel of the process an aspect that will create mutual relationship not only among the top management team but also among the employees.
Jones, I. (2008). The Human Factor: Inside the CIAs Dysfunctional Intelligence Culture. New York: Encounter Books. Read More
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Discussion Board Questions 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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