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Assessors of Trainers and Training Programs - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Assessors of Trainers and Training Programs” the author announce a new Quality Assessment Plan to be used with trainers of this establishment to ensure that courses are meeting objectives and expectations. The assessors have contributed a lot of time and effort into making this plan…
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Assessors of Trainers and Training Programs
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Extract of sample "Assessors of Trainers and Training Programs"

Download file to see previous pages Although we expect our trainers to contribute to creating new courses and curricula, in this assessment plan we want to know if they provide effective training. Our trainers deal with a particular cross-section of people here in the establishment. Students are adult, even if they are mostly still young and, for the most part, they learn like adults. That means that they have bigger egos, are less willing to take risks and have some clear expectations.
For our trainers, typically well up on their technical subjects, the challenge is on how they teach, not what they teach. We need to see our trainers deal positively with things like bad prior experiences in traditional education or mixed feelings about authority. We need to see them make optimal use of class learning through group discussions, open-ended questions and positive exchange of feedback.
To start the process for defining learning objectives for the trainers themselves, assessors from this department recently made a needs analysis concerning the trainers. From this needs analysis, it became clear once again that our trainers need to manage a class to produce students that have good chances of getting employment. In particular, we list the following learning objectives for our trainers together with required standards of outcome:
Trainers working with young people to train them in the installation and maintenance of plumbing and heating systems have ten learning objectives themselves: We want to see the match between objectives, learning, and results. For this, we use an  (in APPENDIX A) that covers the trainer learning objectives and uses a variety of assessment methods to check if these objectives have been obtained. The assessment plan has been designed with certain criteria in mind: it should include a direct assessment to rate levels of performance and indirect assessment to answer why these levels are what they are these reasons we have selected two separate direct assessments and further indirect assessment methods that will alternate between interview and discussion according to trainer availability. In the direct assessments, we seek to find out how much knowledge a trainer has retained concerning different training methods, how apt the trainer is in applying the knowledge to different possible situations and how well they put this into practice with classes of students.

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