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Current Event 2 - Essay Example

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Ranks” featuring in New York Times is analyzed. The main event coming out is the misrepresentation of women in American biggest companies. The article present a case illuminating on representation…
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Current Event 2
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Current event 2 Current event 2 In this current event discussion the article, “Women on Boards: Where the U.S.Ranks” featuring in New York Times is analyzed. The main event coming out is the misrepresentation of women in American biggest companies. The article present a case illuminating on representation of gender in the American work places through comparison with the interventions taken by other countries towards the same. Germany is featured as having implemented a law which advocates for 30% representation of women in board seats; while American companies has been shown to exhibit slow progress. Further, Britain is also exemplified as having achieved s milestone of 23% women representation in biggest stock companies; something that USA is yet to achieve. The situation is worse in America, with most of the biggest American companies having almost zero women representation in the board of directors. The article therefore poses a the biggest question, “…Where are the women on the boards in our country?...” (Miller, 2015).
Gender inequality depicted therein is a serious event that poses impact on various dimensions of the society, especially families. In which case, the misrepresentation of women worsens the situation of gender inequality within the families. A perfect scenario of the impact of gender misrepresentation is in the case of women-headed families. The women are not allowed to get top-notch jobs ahead of men hence this makes most of their income, needed to support families, relatively lesser. It fosters the view that women are inferior to males and should be submissive to their husbands. This means that most of the decision-making within the families is to be presided over by husbands who give final decisions. In essence, it further s the oppression of women rights within the families. They are to be objects of use by men.
Women misrepresentation in the place of work also has a direct influence on social work. It directly ridicule the step taken by social work to represent the rights of the marginalized in the society. The result of this insinuates a failure of social work, within America, to initiate appropriate strategies for ensuring gender equality in places of work. The major purpose of social work is to improve subjective well-being of women within families and at institution levels. Intuitively, the current event depicts a worsened scenario of social injustice on women through violation of their representation rights.
The best way for social workers in America to correct this situation is to integrate strategies that would ensure equality of women in every dimension of the society. This can be through creating awareness about the implication of gender inequality within the society in order to give weight to the issue. The society should be informed about the need for gender equality and its significance in fostering development and growth. Development and growth comes as the result of allowing women with skills and expertise to work in the field where they can be much productive, without discrimination. Social workers can also contribute directly in solving the problem by helping women and addressing their misrepresentation. This can be done in a manner that challenges social injustice within the biggest companies, by frequently exposing representation of women therein. This will serve as a caution for the companies involved since it puts at stake their public image.
Miller, C.C (2015). Women on Boards: Where the U.S. Ranks. The New York Times, retrieved on 9th June 2015 from: Read More
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(Current Event 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1)
Current Event 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
“Current Event 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1”, n.d.
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