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An overview to the main causes of delays and disruption to large scale projects during Initiation and Planning at state of Qatar - Essay Example

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This literature review was conducted in order to examine whether the proposed topic will contribute positively to the project management field or not. Over the last eight weeks reading of relevant books was carried out in order to summarize the findings and have a better…
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An overview to the main causes of delays and disruption to large scale projects during Initiation and Planning at state of Qatar
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Extract of sample "An overview to the main causes of delays and disruption to large scale projects during Initiation and Planning at state of Qatar"

Download file to see previous pages st all of the previous studies focused only on general causes of project delays at the level of the whole project, or mainly on the implementation phase where the problems come to the fore and impact upon completion. Therefore the present study will make an important and individual contribution to the project management field and explore ways of minimizing the causes and factors of delays, with a focus on the earlier stages and the way the project is conceived by all parties, rather than looking just at specific issues in the later stages.
The field of project management has been growing exponentially in recent years, with contributions from multiple discipline areas which use ideas and data from both academics and practitioners. This makes it difficult for even expert project managers to find their way through the multiple theories and approaches that are available. For the purposes of the present study, however, there is a focus on the main issues and causes of delays and disruption, which often occur in mega construction projects. Very often the scholarly literature, and especially the practitioner reports, emphasize the effects or consequences of such issues, but in this case the initial causes are selected as the main point for analysis. These issues can arise at any stage of a project but they often have their roots somewhere early in the process of setting up and starting the project. The purpose of this literature review is therefore to examine the theory and practice of project management with an emphasis on the initiation and planning stages, and the causes of delays and disruption which can occur at any stage.
This approach ensures that the literature review provides a sound and comprehensive basis for an investigation into several recent and contemporary projects in Qatar. It highlights highlighted how past experiences with delays and disruptions relate to project management theory and suggested what specific problems may arise in the Qatari context. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(An Overview to the Main Causes of Delays and Disruption to Large Scale Essay)
An Overview to the Main Causes of Delays and Disruption to Large Scale Essay.
“An Overview to the Main Causes of Delays and Disruption to Large Scale Essay”, n.d.
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