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A Comparison between Male and Female Organizational Commitment and Turnover - Dissertation Example

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Organizational commitment is a term that has gained considerable popularity in the recent years as organizations are shifting their focus on their employees who provide value to the organization by remaining commitment to the organization…
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A Comparison between Male and Female Organizational Commitment and Turnover
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Download file to see previous pages While various researches have been conducted on organizational commitment in the Western world, the Eastern corporate world, such as that of Qatar still lacks research on this topic. This research aims to uncover who organizational commitment differs among employees in terms of factors including but not limited to gender. In order to understand the concept of organizational commitment, this research depends largely on the contribution of Meyer and Allen and their three types of organizational commitment, affective, normative and continuance commitment. This research further takes inspiration from the organizational commitment scale developed by Meyer and Allen that is based on a Likert scale. The method of conducting the research was quantitative in nature where the questionnaire was inspired from Meyer and Allen’s organizational scale that was distributed among all the employees of XYZ Co., a leading gas company in Qatar. The results of the survey were analyzed using percentages and descriptive analysis. The results pointed to the fact that organizational commitment among males and females differs by the type; that is, males are more normatively committed with the organization while females are continually commitment. Affective commitment increases as employees move higher up in the organization because the organization gives more power in their hands. Table of Contents Chapter 1: Introduction 4 1.1. Background of the Study 4 1.2. Significance of the Study 5 1.3. Research Methodologies and Theories 6 1.4. Research Aims and Objectives 7 1.5. Ethical Considerations 9 Chapter 2: Literature Review 11 2.1. Gender Difference in the Workplace 11 2.1.1. Female Characteristics 11 Work Style 12 Conflict Resolution 12 Management Style 12 2.1.2. Male Characteristics 13 Work Style 13 Conflict Resolution 14 Management Style 14 2.2. Organizational Commitment 15 2.2.1 Impact of Organizational Commitment 15 2.2.2. 3 Component Model of Organizational Commitment 16 Affective Commitment 16 Continuance Commitment 17 Normative Commitment 17 2.2.3 Levels of Organizational Commitment 18 The Level of Accordance 18 The Level of Identification 19 The Level of Internalization 19 2.2.4 Antecedents of Organizational Commitment 19 Personal Characteristics 20 Work Experiences 21 Job and Role Related Characteristics 22 Assessing Organizational Commitment 23 2.2.5. Male Organizational Commitment 24 2.2.6. Female Organizational Commitment 25 2.2.7 Comparison Between Male and Female OC 26 2.2.8. Organizational culture in Qatar……………………. 28 2.3. Employee Turnover 28 2.3.1.Definition of Employee Turnover 28 2.3.2. Types of Employee Turnover 29 Involuntary Turnover 29 Voluntary Turnover 30 Turnover 30 Negative Turnover 30 2.3.3 Reasons behind Employee Turnover. 31 2.3.4. Impact of Employee Turnover 33 Negative Consequences 33 2.3.5 Male Employee Turnover and its Reasons 34 2.3.6Female Employee Turnover and its Reasons 34 2.3.7 Comparison Between Male and Female Turnover. 36 2.3.7 Reducing Employee Turnover. 37 2.4. Conclusion 39 Chapter 3: Methods 42 Chapter 4: Results 52 Chapter 5: Discussion and Conclusion 67 Chapter 7: References 73 Appendix 1 78 Chapter 1 Introduction 1.1 Background of the Study Today’s corporate world is becoming increasingly competitive as people from all gender, ages and races have entered the workforce in large numbers. In terms of gender, the attitudes of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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