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Interview Questions - The influence of a parent or other family memebers on participation in Sport - Essay Example

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The research sought to identify on whether parents influence the participation of their children in sporting activities. The manner of collecting data was by use of an interview, and four…
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Interview Questions - The influence of a parent or other family memebers on participation in Sport
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Extract of sample "Interview Questions - The influence of a parent or other family memebers on participation in Sport"

Download file to see previous pages ho encouraged students to engage in sports, who discouraged them from engaging in sports, whether parents participate in physical activities, and the role of health in promoting the participation of a child in physical activity. On this note, the minor themes that relate to the major theme of this report are; family, health condition and childhood.
The research conducted manages to highlight these themes through fifteen questions, which focus on the role of parents in promoting physical activities amongst their children, their role in hindering physical activities amongst their children, the role of health care in sports, and the manner in which an individual engaged in physical activities. By looking at how the fifteen questions are structured, though they depict a minor theme, an answer to them contributes in answering the major theme of the research. This major theme is the role of parents or family in influencing their children to engage in sports/ physical activity.
In this report, the four individuals interviewed highlighted the importance of family members in their socialization process, and this process led them to engage in physical activities. Family socialization process refers to the methodologies that people learn, and thereafter develop into adulthood possessing the characteristics that they have. For instance, there are high chances that an adult person who is a fan of football engaged in the sport during his or her childhood (Sansone and Harackiewicks, 430). Chances are likely that this engagement was motivated by their parents or family members.
This is because as a child, a person requires guidance in all the affairs of their lives; from education, to the sports and recreational life they engage in (Sansone and Harackiewicks, 417). From the findings of the interview, this report proves that parents, through their guidance, play a role in influencing their children on the kind of physical activity they engage in. This report analyzes the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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