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Explain the key features of post Communist ,Trasformation' since 1989.Compare and contrast the experience of two or more countries as examples - Essay Example

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The fall of communism, as signified by the dramatic fall of the Berlin Wall (the old symbol of the cold war schism in Europe) on December, 1989, and the disintegration of the once feared Soviet Union (the largest country in the world in terms of land area) on December, 1991, has…
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Explain the key features of post Communist ,Trasformation since 1989.Compare and contrast the experience of two or more countries as examples
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Extract of sample "Explain the key features of post Communist ,Trasformation' since 1989.Compare and contrast the experience of two or more countries as examples"

Download file to see previous pages 5) as “the prison of nations”.
With their new found independence, the former communist countries have become free to change the course of their own development, highly expectant of the promised prosperity by the West which confidently proclaimed this event as the triumph of capitalism over socialism. However, this unusual landmark in world history has likewise proven difficult to handle, much more to define its development. As McFaul and Stoner-Weiss (2004, p. 3) described: “the post-Soviet world has gone through the twist and turns of tumultuous political, economic, and social change.”
As “one of the defining features of the second half of the twentieth century” (Edwards 1999, p. vii), understanding this crucial event becomes imperative not only in terms of socio-economic historical development but even in terms of human resource management, especially so that the fallen communist bloc had hundreds of millions of subjects (Rose 2009). Perhaps, characterising this historical period is a good start.
As such, this essay seeks to explore the key features of post-communist transformation since 1989, understanding these by comparing and contrasting Poland and Bulgaria’s transformations. This will be achieved through a review of relevant literatures and studies. Ultimately, it is also hoped that this study will provide lessons useful for human resource management. Rose (2009) correctly stated: “The collapse of the Berlin Wall was an event, while transformation and its aftermath is a process of learning.” Similarly, understanding the key features of post-communist transformation since 1989 is a learning process.
The collapse of communism has triggered widespread debate, speculations, assumptions and the like, bringing forth various studies, write-ups and researches. The high interest in understanding this unexpected event ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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