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Vilademir propp and how his functions are related with hitchcocks two films that are north by northwest and spellbound - Essay Example

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In his book, Morphology of Folk Tale, which was published in 1928, Vladimir analysed 100 folk tales in his country, Russia, during the period of 1920s. He did this because of the experience and…
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Vilademir propp and how his functions are related with hitchcocks two films that are north by northwest and spellbound
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Extract of sample "Vilademir propp and how his functions are related with hitchcocks two films that are north by northwest and spellbound"

Download file to see previous pages He was responsible for multiple changes that have been experienced in literature, and especially in narratives (Hale 2009). Today, Vladimir’s ideas are still used in narrative plots, and most importantly, his ideas are more applicable to narratives. However, these today have been applied in the film and cinema industry. Different film theorists have equally studied on narrative structure and this is in conformity with Propp’s work (Bellour & Penley 2000). In this essay, I will address Propp’s findings in Morphology of Folk Tale, their contribution to the narrative theory of film, and how they relate with Hitchcock’s films “North by Northwest” and “Spellbound.”
Propp in his Morphology of Folk Tale comes up a total of eight roles of the characters, and thirty-one functions of narratives, also called narratemes, which mainly defined the structure of the narratives. He was convicted that these narrative functions were existent in the classical fairy tale narrative (Hale 2009). The eight character roles, which Propp identified in his book, include The Helper, The Villain, The Donor, The False Hero, The Dispatcher, The Hero, The Princess, and her father. The functions of narratives by Propp exhibit more flexibility than the character roles. Propp made a categorization of these narrative functions to include six major groups, which are in coherence with the flow of the narrative. These include Struggle, Complication, Preparation, Recognition, Transference, and Return. The folk tales of different regions of the world are interconnected in one way or another, bearing a great deal of similarities in their themes. Hence, the Morphology of the folk tale by Propp is not only applicable in Russian folk tales, but also to the folk tales of other different world regions (Propp 1928).
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(Vilademir Propp and How His Functions Are Related With Hitchcocks Two Essay)
Vilademir Propp and How His Functions Are Related With Hitchcocks Two Essay.
“Vilademir Propp and How His Functions Are Related With Hitchcocks Two Essay”, n.d.
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