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Management , work and Society assignment - Essay Example

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Management, Work and Society Assignment Table of Contents Introduction 3 Findings 4 Conclusion 15 References 16 Bibliography 20 Introduction The word ‘occupation’ refers to a person’s employment, job role, career or profession among others. Occupation is the principal business or work which engages a person’s time in exchange of payment…
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Management , work and Society assignment
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Download file to see previous pages An occupation can be a job or a business or any other work which gives a return as payment and utilizes the time and effort of a person. Choosing an occupation can be influenced by different factors and those factors can have several barriers. The occupational choice barriers often force an individual to go against their personal choice of occupation. The major objectives of this study would be to highlight the various occupational choice theories, and identifying the barriers of occupational choice and its impact on the process. The paper would also involve the various measures to overcome the occupational barriers through the occupational choice theory (Hitchcock & Mabry, 1971). Findings Different Theories of Occupational Choice The occupation is the key means of living for every individual of the world. There are several different theories to support the occupational choices. These theories provide certain mathematical models to analyse the different factors of choosing an occupation for every individual. The theories include Super’s Development Self-Concept Theory of Vocational Behaviour, Holland’s Typology Theory of Vocational Behaviour, Roe’s Theory of Occupational Choice, and Ginzberg’s Theory (Brown, 2002). ...
s the self-concept of an individual which reflects the behaviour of the person in a distinct manner such as, ‘I am strong’ or ‘I am smart’ among others. These behaviours help an individual to choose the right occupation by eliminating the occupations which do not suit the self-concept of that particular person. If the person is from commerce background, he or she would never go for the engineering or any science options. Super has also involved the Trait-Factor Theory. This theory relates with the occupational choice regarding various personal traits of an individual and the type of job such as, the aptitudes, the personality, the interest and the features and the requirements of the job. According to Super, an individual has the freedom to choose his or her own occupation and which is very much helpful for the occupational choice (Hotchkiss & et. al., 1979). The other theory of occupational choice is the Holland’s typology theory of vocational behaviour. This theory was proposed in the year 1959. According to Holland, the preferences or the orientation of career depends upon the types of personality. Holland has given six most important career courses i.e. the realistic, which involves the career orientation which is described by the aggressive behaviour, activities interests, physical strengths and skills, and masculinity. These people have a preference of ‘acting-out’ problems. These kinds of people ignore the task which involves verbal and interpersonal circumstances. These are the people who achieve low score on communal skill and sensitivity and score comparatively high on the activities of physical power and concreteness. The other orientation of career is investigative. In this part of the theory, an individual thinks much more than he/she acts, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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