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Wider Professional Practice - Essay Example

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Lifelong learning is a comparatively new concept in the history of educational reforms in this country however; its extensive nature of operations and substantial workforce makes it one of the most effective programmes in the educational sector. Lifelong learning answers the…
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Wider Professional Practice
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Extract of sample "Wider Professional Practice"

Download file to see previous pages LLS refers to relevant social and political reforms and national policies while devising its own guidelines and procedures. As the sector that exists to support and deliver lifelong learning, government policy in a range of areas plays a considerable role in influencing the future development and the demand for skills within the LLS workforce. One of the most important government green papers that it refers to is Every Child Matters (ECM).
Every Child Matters is a reform that has reshaped the overall behaviour in Britain towards child welfare, care and education. Where the lifelong learning sector intends to introduce education from the grass roots level, it adheres strongly to the ECM policy structure. As ECM covers various aspects of child welfare and care relating to health, safety, enjoyment, achievement, positive contribution in society and achievement of economic well being, it relates closely to LLS since lifelong learning is an attempt at achieving a better quality of life (Francis and Gould, 2012). However, this correlation gives rise to a need to evaluate if ECM provides an effective framework for institutions and professionals in LLS to follow and also if the LLS framework and policies of institutions working for and within LLS actually adhere to the framework devised by ECM.
LLS practice is strongly governed by a Professional Code of Conduct that was introduced by IfL as guidelines for teachers working in LLS (Francis and Gould, 2012). This Professional Code of Conduct ensures that teachers working within the LLS must provide personalised care to children and young people, be alert to signs and symptoms that children may be at risk of harm and expedient in reporting them.
It is important to note that educational institutions where special or vulnerable children are being tutored, reforms introduced by LLS have played a major role ensuring children’s ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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