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Measuring Cancer Cost Behaviour under Prospective Payment System in Clinical Coding - Essay Example

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Each country is striving to establish a system that will allow every citizen to access quality healthcare regardless of their ability to pay as observed by…
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Measuring Cancer Cost Behaviour under Prospective Payment System in Clinical Coding
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"Measuring Cancer Cost Behaviour under Prospective Payment System in Clinical Coding"

Download file to see previous pages Either way, the increased economic disparities and healthcare challenges have necessitated a rational management of financial resources allocated for healthcare service provision.
This paper looks at the role of managers in healthcare financing with respect to the functions of the National Healthcare Service. Besides, the paper provides a succinct discussion on the importance of clinical coding in promoting proper channelling of finances for purchasing healthcare services. In particular, this paper examines the role of clinical coding in measuring the cost of cancer care and how such data promotes evidence based decision making for equitable allocation of healthcare resources.
According to Berger (2008), healthcare systems are organized in a manned that allows strategic achievement of three specific objectives. The first objective relates to collection of revenue from various sources including government, donors and individuals. The second objective of healthcare system is to enhance pooling of resources from all stakeholders such that the risk of ill health is shared among every member of the pool. Lastly, every healthcare system aims to provide an affordable and accessible platform of purchasing healthcare services that suits the best expectations of individual members of the society. With these objectives in mind, financial management of healthcare resources becomes a central focus at every stage in order to strike a balance between quality services and scarcity of resources as argued by Bodenheimer and Fernandez (2005, p.27).
In the hierarchy of the National Healthcare Service, there are several healthcare trusts and public hospitals that work together to deliver health services to clients. Through the NHS, healthcare managers and commissioners are delegated the main duty of ensuring that various service providers deliver quality healthcare within the available financial resources allocated ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Measuring Cancer Cost Behaviour under Prospective Payment System in Essay.
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