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Organisational Profile of Treatment Center for Cancer - Assignment Example

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The essay contains an organizational profile of treatment center for cancer. The author also gives a description of the organization, its geographical location, health services environment and examines a centralization, formalization, and complexity of the healthcare system …
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Organisational Profile of Treatment Center for Cancer
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Extract of sample "Organisational Profile of Treatment Center for Cancer"

Download file to see previous pages As such, it is able to meet its common purpose- the provision of hope to patients through best care is given by the best people who have done the best research in cancer care.
The organization is located at Outram Medical Campus, 11 Hospital Drive in Singapore. This is about 500 meters from Outram Park Station. It also nears the New Bridge Road bus terminal. During weekdays, services are offered from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm while on Saturdays, the facility is open from morning until 12.30 pm. Guided by the vision of becoming a leading global cancer center, the organization targets not only the Singapore population but also overseas patients.
The environment in health care provision refers to the impact of different related factors as an institution endeavors to give out the best care to its patients. In the development of health care programs, the main objective lies in giving participants an in-depth understanding of the changing environment in the health sector (Caldwell, 2001). Armed with this knowledge, they are now in a better position to develop responses to tackle the challenges as posed by the environment. This results in successful organization strategies. It is important to note that the environment in the healthcare system is dynamic which implies that its state today may be very different in the future. The challenges encountered therefore are different with regard to specific time frames (Ulrich & Zimring, 2004). Critical issues, concerns, and developments must be in line with the environment in order to ensure that the strategy put in place in a healthcare organization are met.
The cost of health provision in Singapore is high compared to the country’s total expenditure. In fact, it is among the most expensive health care systems of the world. A lot is spent on the healthcare by the country which impacts on the country’s economy.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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