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Name: Course: Date: Costa Rica Health Care system Costa Rica is a Central America country with a population of 4, 579,000 people, with the national gross income per capita (PPP) being $ 10,960 (World Health Organization, 2012). The WHO report further indicates the life expectancy of the people in the country to be 77 years for males, while females have a life expectancy of 81 years…
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Costa Rica Health Care System
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Download file to see previous pages The probability of dying between the ages of 15 and 60 years for both males and females per 1000 is 115 and 69 receptively (WHO, 2012). Females in the country outlive men by far, which results to a higher population of females over 60 years as compared to men. The WHO report indicates the total expenditure of health per capita in 2009 to be $ 1,165. This is in comparison to the expenditure on health as a percentage of the GDP, which was 10.5% in 2009. [Graphs and charts can be viewed at ] The figures indicates the low budget allocated to health sector in Costa Rica, and may be responsible for a high cost of health and health facilities in the country (Business Monitor International, 15). Though Costa Rica is among the most developed nations in Central American region, the country has one of the highest healthcare costs, which far outstrips the incomes of many people in the country (Leff, 2011). The institution largely stretches available resources to cover an increasing aging population, and ensuring equitable health coverage to provinces outside the capital (Leff, 2011). In addition, Leff argues the Costa Rican hospitals have undertaken the trend to administering pricey procedures such as organ transplants, and AIDS treatment; cancer as well takes much of their budgets. Therefore, Costa Rican hospitals are trying to treat and deal with the first world disease while maintaining the income, of a developing economy; this situation has lead to serious deficits in health care budgets. The President in a televised message advocated for a serious need to revamp the country’s ailing public health system, better known as the Caja (Leff, 2011). Social and economic problems are to blame for much of the problems in Costa Rica’s health sector. For example, a 15 days strike was called off after an agreement between the anesthesiologists at medical centers with the Social Security Fund in December 2011 (Business Monitor International, 14). The strike was a representation of social problems as the medical practitioners had to strike due to poor working conditions in the country. In addition, political reasons have contributed to the impasse in the health sector, as the government moved in to cut the healthcare benefits from employees to resolve a growing problem in public health insurance (BMI, 15). The economic, political and social factors contributed to a worsening health care system in the country. However, according to WHO (2012), the country has managed to eradicate main causes of death in children such as measles, malaria, diarrhea and pneumonia; these diseases form a mere percentage compared to other causes of children deaths in the country. Health care plans and organization. Costa Rica has the best healthcare system in the Central American region, with plans that take care of different interests of people portrayed in the design of these plans. The Public health care: The CAJA. This is the main healthcare plan in the country, and was created by the government in 1943 as workers’ health insurance program (Rheenen, 188). The plan currently covers more than 90% of the population, with a citizen being covered as a worker, worker’s family, or simply through voluntary individual’s payment into the system as Rheenen further elaborates. The program has been registered to cover immigrants through the migration ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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