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This procedure is important because it provides quality reporting on the medical conditions and procedures taken on a patient. Additionally,…
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Coding Affiliation) Importance of Proper Coding Coding is a medical practice where practitioners use numeric and alphabets to describe a medical procedure and the ailment of a patient. This procedure is important because it provides quality reporting on the medical conditions and procedures taken on a patient. Additionally, it helps during settlement of bills by the patient by ensuring that the appropriate service rendered is paid for. Coding also is vital because it acts as a protective cover for patients. This is in the sense that, records are kept that provide the medical history of patients and thus, they are protected from getting improper medication, which can be harmful to them.
Further, coding plays an important role in the provision of government statistics. This comes to play during the budgeting of a country’s medical care, as the correct statistics are provided. For example, the government officials are aware of medications given, the number of people that passed on maybe because of certain diseases. It also offers a road map for the formulation of medical strategies that will help a nation curb vital illnesses. In addition, proper coding is important in ensuring that patients are forced to pay for the care they did not receive. Medical practitioners and insurance organizations can have a common understanding on the services provided and thus, the correct charges are made and paid (Capstone, 2010).
The role of Nurses and Nurse Practitioners in Coding
Nurses are an essential part in the practice of medical care. They help in service delivery and assist doctors in a number of ways. They are often in contact with patients; this aspect of their work enables them to understand the patients more and offer them the necessary services. It also equips them with first hand information on the type of care the patients need in reference to their illness. This enables them to code the diagnosis appropriately. Moreover, before a patient is referred to a doctor, it is the duty of the nurse to offer first hand services, which put the nurses at an appropriate position to identify the type of care to be given to the patient (Shi & Singh, 2010).
Additionally, being the ones to provide complete reports about patients to the doctors, nurses are professionally equipped and familiar with the importance of proper coding for record keeping. It is usually the responsibility of the nurses to offer comprehensive medical care; therefore, they have a duty to ensure the coding is appropriate to avoid mischarging the patients. They also proffer the accurate records for medication for the patient to the necessary authorities. For instance, they identify the appropriate medication by accessing the medical history of the patient and make basic adjustments.
Importance of Documentation to the Coding Process
Record keeping for every medical service rendered to patients is important. Documentation provides an explanation for the inevitability of treatment offered. Additionally, it helps in the billing process of the treatment offered by availing a record of the treatment given. Also, it helps in ensuring that patients are not over charged, this especially assists in the reimbursement of insurance services as companies are given a record of the treatment given to the patient and this helps in deducting the payments to be made. This is mostly essential in the conducting of the organization’s reviews, as they provide evidence for the payments made.
Moreover, documentation has been of great assistance to medical practitioners. This is because it provides a basis for defense in instances where patients refuse to pay because of claims of unnecessary treatment offered. There are times when patients and insurance companies claim the coding made on their record was overly inappropriate and refuse to pay for the treatment. Documentation of the records enables the medical practitioners to appeal as it provides evidence of the treatments rendered (Wilson, 2010).
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