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The use of GIS has been of great importance in aiding decision making at various levels. One of the areas where the tool has been…
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Download file to see previous pages This, through my lasting experience and interaction with various GIS software, I believe can be achieved at relatively low cost than expected. Using the GIS information in transportation, I believe can be of great help to city planning and organization. In respect to this, I can assure you the effective use of the following GIS applications in doing the following activities with the aim of restoring order and cost in the city.
The GIS tool can be used in spatial analysis to locate areas of preference for various development activities at relatively lower costs compared to the other software. High costs are often incurred while constructing bridges, railway lines and roads within the city and beyond, especially when other tools are used in designing these channels. However, using GIS, we can analysis the spatial characteristics of the regions to be bypassed by these projects for reduced cost of construction. For instance, it is easier to design the routes for road, railways and water pipes construction by developing different elevation models on the GIS software. Assessing and accurately analyzing this data can then help us in coming up with the correct route for construction with minimum costs involved. In order to illustrate this using an example, it is often very difficult to construct roads and railway lines where the process has to involve cutting through a mountain or in a region with rugged terrain. in such Cases, many culverts and bridges, have to be constructed as these increases the costs of construction. By overlaying the elevation data on the GIS software, we can easily locate the various points to be avoided by the project, calculate the relative distance and costs involved and compare the results for better decision making before the actual process. This aids in proper planning and management of funds are hence very ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS (GIS) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
“GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS (GIS) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d.
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...the products quality generated using geographical information systems. Inherent errors are normally witnessed in source data and documents. Operational errors on the other hand result from GIS manipulation functions and data capture. Possible operational errors sources include; digitizing human error, thematic maps areas mis-labelling, horizontal boundaries misplacement, classified error, human bias and inaccuracies in GIS algorithms. The main of GIS processing is to identify the possible error in data sources as well as minimizing the error amount resulting from the processing. Cost constraints make it easier to avoid errors rather than...
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...? of the of the of the INTRODUCTION TO GIS (Geographic Information System) INFORAMTION SYSTEMS Computer software that takes raw data as input, process information and output useful information in line with the usability requirements of the stakeholders is referred to as an information system. Information systems are often termed as a means of acting as an intermediary between the output processes and backend computer systems. Specific information systems are often designed for specific...
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...of the of the Concerned Geography 12 March GIS is Dead, Long Live GIS To put it simply, Geographic Information Systems happen to be such computerized systems, which allow for a variegated processing of geographically referenced data, are they storage, display, analysis, manipulation or retrieval (Longley et al. 2005). GIS happen to be a worthy tool in the pursuit of natural sciences, social sciences, medicine, engineering, geography, business and planning because of the very dint of it including physical, economic, biological, demographic and cultural data and information (Cheema 1993,...
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..., and political activities with society opting for hospitable regions. This is facilitated by the availability of geographical information that distinguishes regions by physical principles, which necessary for effective planning and development in modern society. Such information is derived from maps and satellite images, which then analyzed and presented in accordance to the desired parameters such as terrain, population, among other analytes. Over the years, specialized computer systems have employed to process geographical information such as digitization of raw data, storage, automated analysis of the data, and predict outcomes of...
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.... This is done through a variety of different methods, with the most common in geographical circles being GIS, which stands for Geographical Information System. What this system does is plot points on maps that will measure its geographical makeup, whether that be elevation, distance, or any other differences from the norm. This can also be used to analyse geostatistics and to apply research to them. Currently, this spatial analysis is done by using computers, since there are so many statistics and modern GIS are powerful enough to handle this kind of output. Data Modeling Data modeling is a manner in...
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...Running Head: GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS (GIS) Emergency Management and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) of the of the Institution] Emergency Management and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Introduction “Disasters are defined as threats to life, well-being, material goods, and environment from the extremes of natural processes or technology” (Auf der Heide, 1989). Although disaster management is a national concern, at the most basic level it is the responsibility of county emergency management agencies to cope with disasters....
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...and nature of disaster at the moment. The Use of a Geographic Information System (GIS) To Enable the Incident Commander Operate More Effectively With a Narrower or Wider Span of Control The use of geographic information system (GIS) enables the incident commander or manger to maintain high control during any kid of emergency or disaster. It also enables the incident commander to operate in more effective and knowledgeable manner. As a result, this allows the manager or incident commander to control a big team over large area based on the information of the equipment provided. The...
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Geographical Information System (GIS) in Qatar from highest government levels 2. Making concerned officials and agencies privy to the power and potential ascribed to GIS. 3. Encourage government departments to coordinate and share data 4. Involving all government departments in designing and implementing the system. 5. Establishing training and education programs, and availing GIS tools to everybody. Benefits of Qatar’s GISGeographic information that is readily available in the desired format has resulted in more effective planning frameworks and better governmental activity coordination, hence reducing costs and saving time, in addition to nurturing high levels of...
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...Geographic Information Systems al Affiliation Geographic Information Systems Geographical information system refers toa set of hardware, software, information, individuals organizations and institutions that are tasked with the responsibility of data collection, storage, analysis and dissemination. This data concerns areas and aspects of the world and related processes. The technology has enabled people and authorities to solve problems that would otherwise be disastrous (Fu & Sun, 2011). This paper explores the application of GIS in solving an...
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