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The advisors’ role doubled as being both as the firm’s representatives and its buyers or sellers. Consequently, this prompted them the…
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CaseStudy: Sperry Van Ness
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Computer science and information technology Sperry Van Ness was having troubles with managing expenses of advisors as wellas marketing its products to the clients (Pick, 2008). The advisors’ role doubled as being both as the firm’s representatives and its buyers or sellers. Consequently, this prompted them the enjoying handsome pay for their hard work in terms of six figures. They had to meet with the company’s owners in person in order to have meetings, hence increasing the firm’s expenses making it difficult for its success. In order to conduct the company’s activities they used the web-based applications to support marketing and the sales. The development of the geographic information systems (GIS) had a great impact on the company decision making (Pick, 2008). It provided maps, photos of the properties, sales descriptions and relevant information to the advisors and the brokers. This eased the accessibility to the properties sold and prospective investors on the web around the property. This enabled quicken the process of conducting marketing to capture the prospects since every individual had quick access to necessary information. It also sunned unnecessary usage in travelling to meet with the company’s members in order to discuss details relating to marketing.
The introduction of GIS also reduced expense of meeting with clients face to face to give them details of the company since the system quickened the process by providing all the necessary details online (Pick, 2008). It provided efficient process whereby advisors used the system to prepare printed materials in person instead of depending on the company to do it on their behalf. This enabled quicken decision making on the company’s projects. GIS helped the owners to focus on other issues concerning the company since it had introduced efficient ways to deal with both advisors and clients quickening the marketing process. The company systems utilized the general public viewing website that enabled the users to locate properties by using maps, view properties photos, get data on basic sales and examine the demographic data. The use of online publisher software package served the owner, advisors and advisor support center. The online publisher included all details from public sites and their report generation was highly published. The system allowed the advisors have clear view of the property especially outside. The GIS was a success in accomplish the companies needs because it made the it to emerge as a unique national brokerage firm that implements broker marketing plan with its investors of marketing (Pick, 2008).
Its success is evident on how the firm was able to get access to their customers without the need of in person encounter. Its multi-view prospective allows the brokers, prospective buyers and advisors to imagine themselves in the property drawing them closer to the company’s properties. Additionally, thriving is apparent based on how it reduces the expense of the company by conducting meetings with the use of online systems. Its success is not only evident in the Sperry Van Ness but in other businesses worldwide. Because was adopted by the Global integrated oil meant for valuable in terms of managing (Pick, 2008). The GIS utilizes utilization of enterprise-web platforms versus the traditional client server, which is very critical in a business. This is because as per the relayed case of Sperry Van Ness Company is user-friendly as well as conceived to be of much assistance in other firms. Hence, I think this case study is a success based on general review of its errands in the relayed situation in employing of GIS especially in coming up with quality decisions.
Pick, J. B. (2008). Geo-business GIS in the digital organization. Hoboken, N.J: J. Wiley & Sons. Read More
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CaseStudy: Sperry Van Ness Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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