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Propaganda - Essay Example

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It relies on a combination of communication techniques in disseminating information to influence a particular group of people in the society. The focus of propaganda is altering the…
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Extract of sample "Propaganda"

Download file to see previous pages This is because it has a way of distorting truths.
The media helps in spreading propaganda to reach a wide target audience. The intention of the conveyer of the message is usually to create an understanding that is different from the people’s belief. For instance, a leader can use propaganda to propagate hate in communities. The leader can mislead the masses by giving them false information concerning the ongoing in the government. Interestingly, propaganda contains some element of truth as indicated by Jowett, Garth & Victoria (289). However, propagandist coats the lie with facts to deceive the audiences. Sometimes people who spread propaganda base their information on rumors in most circumstances. In addition, there are occasions when individuals spread propaganda unknowingly.
Authorities use propaganda in justifying certain behaviors in the society. This mode of communication during the holocaust period appeared to support the heinous acts perpetrated by the supporters of the Nazi movement in Germany. Besides, I have come to realize that the use of propaganda can be beneficial of the society. For instance, campaigns to sensitize individuals in the community can take the form of propaganda. Consequently, the government can use it to eliminate fears among the masses by providing information concerning certain events in the society. There are times in which propaganda fails to reach its target audience. For example, the opponents of the ideology might receive propaganda aimed at convincing the supporters of a given ideology positively (Jowett, Garth & Victoria 307). Moreover, propaganda creates confusion when the message conveyed to the audience is incomplete. As such, it has contributed to rise of conflicts in the societies.
The use of propaganda is not a new concept in the society. Records indicate that civilizations used it in communication during the 15th century. It began as a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...what the product can do and so people buy them and for a moment think it works because they are totally caught up in the “advertiser’s moment”. This advertising is done on various media – television, print, the internet, radio, television and electronic billboards. In the past propaganda was used in times of war and is still being used today. Each side would be indicating to their supporters or country folks that they are in control of the war they are winning when this is really not so. The print media was used a lot back the as television and internet was not available. Propaganda is a negative tool. It seeks to make in the advertisers better off by making the customers worst off from something that...
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... media sources and the information (misinformation) being generated by them. This viewpoint is reflected in other contemporary scholarship on the subject. Prominent among them is Nicholas O’Shaughnessy’s work, which has spawned a new discipline in social sciences – that of Political Marketing. In his book titled Politics and Propaganda: Weapons of Mass Seduction, the author deciphers the real meaning and agenda behind political rhetoric and posturing. By studying extensively the media coverage of Iraq war and drawing suitable examples from it to support his claims, Shaughnessy illustrates how obfuscation of fact and propagation of myth are essential techniques of political marketers. And through this technique, propagandists are able...
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...or partial information in order for the informer to achieve certain specific responses that serves his or her intention. Propaganda may therefore passing information mainly to direct perception towards a certain point for the benefit of the propagandist. It therefore follows that propaganda may not benefit the audience but benefit only the architecture of the propaganda. Propaganda may also be intentional deception of individuals by changing their perceptions towards a particular issue. It can be engineered by the government or politicians for political reasons or just by an individual for self benefit. However, victims of propaganda do not often realize...
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... lie (Marlin, 2002). Or it is being associated with something that is identified as a wrong or incorrect. However, in certain Latin countries, such association is rare rather propaganda is linked with the term of advertising. However, in both the world wars, both sides heavily used the tool of propaganda against each other openly terming their actions something deceptive or something that cannot be trusted. Additionally, intent is a necessary condition for the purpose of propaganda (Cunningham, 2002). Propaganda is based certain characteristics- such as time, total, truth, trust and trigger. Each element of propaganda is separately usable both in wartime as well as in peacetime. Basically, propaganda is a type of persuasion determined...
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...onomic, or political" (p. 39). With the definition, one could effectively present an analysis of an advertisement that has been recognized as one of the best viewed ads of 2011: “Volkswagen’s “The Force”, in which a young Star Wars fan tries to use “The Force” on his father’s new Passat” (Holmes, 2011, par. 2). The advertisment definitely falls under the definition of a propaganda in terms of using mass-produced communication through the television and posting online with the purpose of eliciting emotion from the audience regarding the launching of 2012 Passat. In this regard, the paper aims to proffer issues pertinent to an analysis of the ad according to the following categories: context, ideology, visual appeals, language,...
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...means for a very long time. They have been advancing with the advancement in technology. This advancement has been majorly structural and appearance in form of colour and shape but the purpose remains informational conveyance. (b) Introduction: This paper is going to give the full meaning of the term propaganda and its importance in the society. The term propaganda refers to the different means used by media and other informative systems in informing about different emerging issues. These issues might be pertaining to fields such as politics, education, economic development, agricultural field, industrial development, environmental conservation, energy conservation and other lively related fields. The...
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... to capture and win the support of people5. The first image which represents the Nazi propaganda under the leadership of Hitler strongly suggests that the medium used by Hitler in his propaganda has been very effective. Hitler was able to successfully win the trust and support of its people in Germany. In fact, “even the youngest want to take Hitler’s picture”6. The second image is similar with the first image in the sense that Obama also managed to use effective medium in his propaganda. This explains why Obama won in the presidential election in the United States. “Time” is all about being able to disseminate the message across the target audiences at the right moment of time7. Hitler’s and Obama’s timing was both made at the right moment...
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..., studied in lesson six and the Chinese postage stamp, studied in lesson five. The post agency of china released stamps with six different designs during the National Tourism Day. The designs showed the picture of the islands of Vietnam’s Hoang Sa, which Chinese occupied illegally (Chong, 2002). The post agency also released postcards and envelops with the same pictures. This is propaganda and the china post agency accepted that was a mistake and thus Vietnam has legal claims for the act. It also follows that in the Postal Service Department, china Postal Agency has trivialized the law. Therefore, Vietnam protested against china and demanded for removal of the images of the island. Vietnam claimed that china used propaganda to prosper...
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...(Gullace 2002). (Sargent, JS (1919). Gassed). (Nevison (1917). Paths of Glory). These two paintings are both reactions to the First World War. One of the things that becomes very apparent is the disillusionment artists experienced with the propaganda: these directly counter propaganda by maintaining their similar style (especially “Mustard Gas Victims”), while portraying fundamentally different things: the true experience of war. They fundamentally seemed to need to communicate the true horror of what they had experienced during the First World War, possibly to break the romanticized ideas that had been formed in people’s minds based on war propaganda of the time (Tolson 2010). ...
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...attributes which help to make up the full and complete definition of the term “propaganda”. Firstly, the total can be understood as a function of the effect of the entire message. Lowe’s provided on its handouts the following quote, “To honor our armed forces, Lowes will be providing customers will complimentary bumper stickers that offer a simple ‘Thank You’ to our troops. A limited quantity of ‘Thank You’ stickers, with an image of the American flag, will be available in-store during the veterans day weekend.” The totality of this message, although simple, has various levels of meaning that help to explain why such a symbol serves as a piece of propaganda (Collins 15). Though further meaning will...
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Hitlers Propaganda and Principles of Fascism

... during World War I (WWI). It was portrayed during the people that help themselves Winter Fund in 1933. It projects a genetically healthy family as the nucleus of the nation. Source: The consequences on the Great Depression of early 1930’s negatively affected the economic and political environments of Germany causing them to collapse. This presented Adolf Hitler with a spanking political aptitude to develop and instill political power through taking advantage of the weakened political and economic systems (Kershaw, 2001). Hitler devised the use of his Nazi Party as the main tool of leading Germans into the mass movement. He hoped that the strategy, together...
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The Media and Propaganda in Iraq From 2003 Onwards

... division in information between forces distrust will grow (Information Operations, 12). He describes an important part of the battle of Fallujah where Iraqi commandos took control of a hospital—their operations greatly assisted by communication technologies and better situational awareness. Another key lesson was how the Americans taught the Iraqi forces how important it was to disrupt insurgents own propaganda abilities: During the military decision-making process, MNF-W identified a piece of key IO terrain that it believed had to be secured early in the operation to begin eliminating the enemys ability to disseminate misinformation and propaganda. The Fallujah hospital had long been used as a propaganda organ by insurgent forces and had...
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Propaganda of Big Tobacco Companies

...information is then used to target specific markets and to learn about public attitudes, why they buy specific products and what sort of promotions would most appeal to their desires to purchase. To some companies, marketing is about generating sales, period. Their efforts to ‘reach the consumer’ have elevated well beyond simple marketing and have reached the level of propaganda in their attempts to retain and increase their market share. The tobacco industry has used such studies to target the young and uninformed. They have used deceptive advertising as a result of these findings in the form of marketing ‘low-tar’ cigarettes. They have also used cartoon-like characters to appeal to the youth consumer. To their delight, this...
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Censorship And Propaganda In Chinese Media

...of Human Rights: freedom of speech and of information. Indeed, this control the Chinese government places on their medias enables them to ensure communism and their political paradigm. Thus, medias in China can be regarded as a mean, a tool of propaganda. Thesis China often argues that it is propaganda by western countries that the Chinese media is under tight censorship. They claim that Chinese media is as free as any other foreign media and any agencies can function freely in China. On the other hand the western countries argue that Chinese claims are not at all right and they accuse China that it needs to sell its products in global markets and for that purpose they are just pretending that the...
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Propaganda Used in the US to Generate Support for its Involvement in the First World War

...involvement in the First World War.2 This paper will examine the US’s propaganda campaign for generating support for its involvement in the First World War, why this approach was necessary and its consequences. I. American Sentiments Toward the First World War On August 18, 1914 US President Woodrow Wilson urged that it was important for the US to remain neutral during the Great War.3 This sentiment seemed to echo much of the American public’s sentiments toward the War. There was a general inclination toward avoiding the war altogether.4 Up to the start of the Great War, America had largely maintained an isolationist stance in which it avoided direct participation in European conflicts.5 Another factor steering US...
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Propaganda as Effective Arms in Information War

...on information: determining what information will flow, will not flow, and the types of information that will flow. Propaganda has been associated with use of flawed or absence of logic but the work of Bernays in 1928 widened the concept of propaganda to cover the use of manipulation. Taken into in this framework, propaganda has been transformed into a weapon: it became information warfare in the late 20th century. This matter is true not only for the United States but globally as well. Propaganda: outdated concept or transformed weapon in information warfare? Jowett and O’Donnell (2006) defined propaganda as “a form of communication that attempts to...
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The Documentary Mondovino - the Propaganda Model of Globalization and Food Industry Cutting the Economic and Political Benefits for Farmers

... the Propaganda Model through the different individuals that are a part of the documentary. Each of the individuals describes the economic situation of the wine industry as well as the way in which this is affecting farmers. More important, there are descriptions on how and why this is affecting the wine industry, as well as the smaller individuals that are no longer able to compete with the global food industry. The descriptive theory that is used is one which is based on the political economy, specifically by showing the corporations and legalities are taking over the wine and food industry and which are leading farmers and others that are in business into complexities which don’t allow them to completely function within society...
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Communication and Persuasion, Film Classic of Propaganda

... which the director successfully structured it to inform Nazi political propaganda under Adolf Hitler. Film summary The Triumph of the Will was produced by Leni Riefenstahl in 1934 and it addresses the theme of the Nuremberg congregation of about 700,000 Nazi sympathizers which was headed by the party’s top chiefs such as Adolf Hitler and Rudolf Hess. Hitler is regarded as the producer of the film as he was the one who directed Riefenstahl on what the film was supposed to portray. The idea of the film was to portray Hitler as the ruler who reinstated political power in Germany, and that he would make the state prosper happily under him. It is renowned worldwide as one of the most successful propaganda films of all time, and remains...
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Kurt Vonneguts Harrison Bergeron and the Propaganda of the Welfare State

... is equal to the extent that one person is allowed one vote and that each vote is weighted equally. It is telling that this fundamental observation of equality still does not make the United States an ideal model of democracy. Hence, there is disconnection between lofty principles and ground realities in both the short-story as well as real history. While outright mind and body control techniques are employed to achieve ‘equality’ in Vonnegut’s future world, the sophisticated means of political propaganda is the sustaining force for government welfare. Although the picture depicted in Harrison Bergeron (HB) is one of fantasy, one could see elements of it contemporary politics and policymaking. Take say, the issue of government welfare...
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Chomsky Argument on the Role of Media in Political Propaganda

... to convince the intellect people who embrace it and pass it to the rest of the public. Chomsky argues that the media has played a role in depriving the general public off their views and perception through propaganda. He basis his arguments on the American cases where media has aired the political propaganda that attract the consent of the public. In addition, he highlights instances where government has gained favor in the media industry to pass their intended motions and objectives. To elaborate on that, he lays the argument that the perception created by the media about the government permeates to the entire social realism. Therefore, his arguments tend to prove that media has a moral obligation to the Americans. I will discuss...
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