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Evolutionists suggest that simple organisms can evolve to become complex organisms through natural means without any divine influence. I tend to agree with the theory that modern man is still evolving, man has evolved for over a…
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Did Humans Stop Evolving after the Emergence of "Modern Man"? al Affiliation Evolution shows the beginning of something. Evolutionists suggest that simple organisms can evolve to become complex organisms through natural means without any divine influence. I tend to agree with the theory that modern man is still evolving, man has evolved for over a million years ago from one stage to another and the current evolution is referred to as the thinking man (modern man). The modern man has had the ability to improve his/her life from the early man. The modern man has been able to develop his livelihood by producing better housing, technology like better tools, medicine and stopped the ways of the early man. Scientists have come up with ways to explain that modern man is still evolving, some of the ideas that have been brought on board are like that modern women tend to start their own families between the ages of 22 to 26. Another aspect is the Tibetans evolutionary change, which explains that people would adapt to low oxygen levels in high altitudes environments. Finally, the variation in reproduction, which means that selected traits favor particular kind of people, it has been noted that fertility is being categorized with natural selection, which means that women with narrow birth canal endanger the lives of both the babies and themselves. It also explains that babies with a large brain size get struck in the birth canal.
Keywords: Modern Man, Evolution, Tibetans Evolutionary Change
Evolution can be defined as, “a process of change in a particular direction” (Vosse, 2010, p.9).Evolution tends to define the genesis of something. Evolutionists argue that, “simple organisms can evolve into complex organisms through natural means and denies any divine influence” (Vosse, 2010, p. 9).
I agree with the phrase that man hasn’t stopped evolving, with the emergence of “modern man”. 600,000 years ago, a more sophisticated tool of technology advanced and these tools were efficient and included the cutting tools (Vosse, 2010). But still the technology didn’t advance. After many years, the fossil of modern man appeared and the technology changed. Modern man didn’t stop hunting, but he advanced domestic tools, art, clothing’s and jewellery. Modern man has challenged the evolution of man; this factor has been argued by the evolutionists who consider modern man to have evolved, since he was previously a hunter and gatherer living a similar life as the Homo erectus (Vosse, 2010).
The modern man’s needs made him become a more efficient and equipped hunter, toolmaker, fire maker, and a social gatherer. The evolution biologists have noted is that the human brain evolves and it has increased the intelligence of hominid. The fossil of the human brain may have advanced, but the response of technology didn’t change (Vosse, 2010). Modern man’s brain may be heavier as compared to the earlier man who had a larger brain size. Modern man has a distinct character from the earlier man; this is because of the evolution hypothesis that modern man has a better and correct speech. The hominids had the advanced technology, but the evolution of modern man brought the difference, which was sign of rapid technological advancement of the unique modern man.
Ten thousand years ago modern man stopped huntering and gathering and started farming. The evolution of man is still a remarkable feature; this is because of the unique cultural evolution, which proceeded to an improved intellectual capacity (Pugh, 1977). Scientists have found out that women conceive their first child when they are between the ages of 22 to 26 years. The difference can be attributed to culture, social, and economic attributes, however, 50% of the variation in age is based on solely genetic variations (Braconnier, 2011). This research showed that genetic change occurred, so as to give women more time to produce more children in order to increase the population. The researchers didn’t find out which gene has been altered over time, but it clearly showed that women wanted to start a family at an early age.
Another factor to prove that modern man still evolves is the Tibetans evolutionary change, which would adapt to low oxygen levels in high altitude environment. With the change in altitude, modern man has evolved to have the ability to tolerate the lactose system in the body system (Braconnier, 2011). Stearns and his team have come and explained that modern man is still evolving because of variation in reproduction, which means that there are selected traits that favor particular kind of people. It has been noted that fertility is being categorized with natural selection, which means that women with a narrow birth canals put both themselves and the unborn at a risk, since the baby could get stuck at the birth canal.
It also shows that a baby with a large brain size will get struck in the birth canal, so this clearly shows that humans are still evolving through variation during reproduction, female birth canal and the large brain size baby (Papio, 2009). In conclusion, it’s right to say that modern man still evolves. In fact, man might never stop evolving from the era of homo habillis to modern man (thinking man), and others to come. There is a distinct difference between the early man and the modern man; modern men have advanced in technology to better their lives.
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