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What is the biggest problem facing the United States today - Essay Example

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There are several issues that are threatening the life of people in America such as the economic recession, unemployment, growing economic inequality especially among children and changes in social culture. However, one major issue that could have a huge impact on the future of…
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What is the biggest problem facing the United States today
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Extract of sample "What is the biggest problem facing the United States today"

There are several issues that are threatening the life of people in America such as the economic recession, unemployment, growing economic inequalityespecially among children and changes in social culture. However, one major issue that could have a huge impact on the future of American people are the changes in family trends due to increased rate of divorce, single-parenthood, lower rates of marriage, rise in cohabitation without marriage and same-sex marriages, and loss of traditional family values and culture. Many scholars and experts have attributed these changes to the growing economic problems and lack of adequate education in the country; however, these problems are also existent among the elite population which is suggestive of the fact that family trends are drastically changing within the entire population irrespective of their social or educational status.
Along with the United States several countries have been experiencing changes in family structure and values, but every other country has introduced family structure policies and laws to help uphold the two-family system. In the case of the US, these changes which could have threatening consequences on the development of children and the future society, are now gaining acceptance among the general public. Issues such as single-parenthood, same-sex marriages and transgender issues are gaining a lot of prominence especially with the rise in government support and policy measures implemented to safeguard the rights of these people. People who are against the changing family structure are blaming the economic situation and the inaccessibility to basic education by the poorer and lower middle-class. However, though these changes are more widely prevalent among these people, changing family trends are also being observed among the wealthy and elite population.
Political theorists such as Baron de Montesquieu have always propagated the importance of marriage and also stressing that the father is naturally obliged to take care of his children instead of forcing the responsibility on the mother. He further stressed on the need to uphold laws that favor wedlock which would in turn result in a healthy society. In the modern American society, women who are divorced or are single-parents of children born out of wedlock are now forced to take up employment in order to meet the responsibility of bringing up their kids. Both scientific research and societal facts have always claimed that children growing up in two-parent household have a relatively normal growth and development compared to those growing up in single families. In addition, these children often turn out to be school-drop outs owing to difficult economic condition within the family and also tend to land up in more serious issues such as drugs, gang violence and other criminal activities. When children engage in these activities right from a young age they are more likely to have broken relationships in future and this cycle is bound to continue with their children.
Experts are constantly advocating on the importance of two-parent families as a means to decrease poverty and also ensure the developmental and emotional well-being of the future generations. The more affluent population, many of who are also advocates of sexual freedom and gender equality, would be able to handle these changes in family trends as they possess sufficient resources. On the contrary it is the poor and the working class population especially the women folk who are undergoing major hardships on the economic front owing to this changing trend in family relationships. Apart from the economic burden, people from broken families also have to undergo the various social and cultural consequences that could in fact have a lasting impact on their mental and physical state.
Thus it is time that all people who are likely to fall prey to the changing trends in family values and in upholding one’s culture and tradition realize the benefits of marriage and family and how it serves to enrich one’s life. In addition, people who are in a healthy married relationship would be more conscious of the society and their contributions towards their society as well as their country. Read More
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