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Energy efficiency rating - Math Problem Example

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b. The researcher can now conclude that there is a negative linear correlation between EER and cost. One can now predict whether the cost of an air conditioning unit is reasonable, from a given EER. Thus, if it is considered that the best EER is, for example, 11.0, the least square line predicts that its estimated cost should be 449…
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Energy efficiency rating
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"Energy efficiency rating"

Download file to see previous pages In comparing the means for both groups, using a 1% significance level, the two-tailed P value, at a 99% confidence interval, equals 0.6543. Thus, there is a 65.43% probability that the observed difference between the salaries between private and GOH nurses are actually more extreme than their true differences. At a 1% level of significance, this implies that there is not enough statistical evidence to indicate that the salaries in private hospitals are greater than those in GOH.
b. Comparing the means between the previous and current salaries, the previous salaries' mean is higher than the current salaries. At a 99% confidence interval, the two-tailed p-value equal to 0.4699 indicates that there is no reason to conclude that the means have a significant difference. In addition, the lower confidence limit of -3739.9893 indicates a large decrease in the lower limit coupled with a large increase in the upper confidence limit of 2033.3093. Thus, there is no conclusive evidence that the previous salaries are significantly lower than current ones. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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