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Trace the roots of conflict in Syria. Which theory of International Relations can be applied to understand this conflict Justify your answer - Essay Example

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International relations signify the group interactions taking place in the international community that comprise the nations and the states, various inter-governmental firms along with different forms of non-governmental organisations. It is a public policy that tends to pay due…
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Trace the roots of conflict in Syria. Which theory of International Relations can be applied to understand this conflict Justify your answer
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Extract of sample "Trace the roots of conflict in Syria. Which theory of International Relations can be applied to understand this conflict Justify your answer"

Download file to see previous pages It further facilitates to explain the ways in which an individual’s decisions have an influence upon other countries and people. International relations are considered to be a new as well as invigorating discipline and are considered to be the study of politics at the international, regional as well as global level. Although international relations are considered to be a modern field, it has gained importance in the present world owing to the term globalisation. It is a well known fact that positive international relations assist in stimulating effectual trade policies among nations. It is via international relations that determine the needs and the limitations of cross-border trade. International relations not only concentrate about reporting as well as monitoring the flow of activities or goods and services, they also serve as an important strategy for stimulating the growth of the human culture. It can be mentioned that the diversity in the culture of the world can be endorsed as well as shared via enlightened international relations policies (BBC News, 2012).
The chief objective of the paper is to comprehend the main reasons behind the conflicts taking place in Syria. It shall also endeavour to identify the ways in which the theories of international relations can be applied effectively to comprehend the conflicts. The theory of realism shall be studied in details since it relates to the scenario of Syria. The study shall also take into account two different theories of international relations such as liberalism as well as international society and comprehend the ways in which they do not relate to the scenario of Syria.
It has been recognised that an increasing number of people have died because of the conflicts that had occurred between the President Bashar al-Assad’s government as well as the revolutionary troops wanting him out (The Economist, 2011). As per the views of the International Red Cross, it has ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Trace the Roots of Conflict in Syria. Which Theory of International Essay - 1.
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