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Great Pyramids of Giza - Essay Example

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The pyramids of Egypt are one of the amazing wonders of the world that have attracted millions of tourists to this destination as spectators come to marvel at the architectural know-how that was wielded by the ancient Egyptians at a time when technology was not in existence…
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Great Pyramids of Giza
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Extract of sample "Great Pyramids of Giza"

Download file to see previous pages ructures have also been a great wonder as no building has been known to maintain such good condition after a long period despite the harsh weather conditions that the desert has subjected them to.
None of these pyramids are more spectacular than the Great Pyramids of Giza located in an archeological site based on the outskirts of Cairo. These are made up of three pyramids that are located in close proximity with one another and next to another architectural wonder known as The Great Sphinx. There are a number of cemeteries and they are one of the most admired archeological sites in the world (Lorenzi). The pyramids are located around 5 miles from the town of Giza and thus the origin of its name. It has served as a symbol of ancient Egyptian prowess and is the only remaining ancient world wonders in existence making it the oldest of them all.
The great pyramids of Giza can be referred to as a complex due to the close proximity of the three pyramids although it should be noted that there are different pyramids belonging to three different people, each with its own uniqueness (Ask Aladdin). Despite how they may look from afar, the pyramids are actually different in size with Pyramid of Khufu, otherwise known as the Great Pyramid the largest in size followed by the Pyramid of Khafre and lastly the Pyramid of Menkaure, which can be said to be modest in comparison to others in terms of size (Shafer & Dieter 41). The pyramids are located within a few 100 miles from one another, but from afar that distance looks much smaller due to the size of the structures (Hawass). As a matter of fact, one might actually get the impression that they are quite close even up to a few centimeters apart if they are far enough from the archeological discoveries. The great sphinx is believed to belong to the pyramid of Khafres as the monument was supposedly erected in his honor.
The pyramid of Khufu which is the largest of the three pyramids is a complex that included a valley temple ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Great Pyramids of Giza Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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