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The pyramids at Giza in Egypt are one of the most renowned wonders of the world which has mesmerized people all around the globe, since its discovery. The Egyptian pyramids are basically built as the resting place for the kings and queens knows as “Pharaohs” of Egypt. …
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Pyramids at Giza
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"Pyramids at Giza"

The Egyptian pyramids are basically built as the resting place for the kings and queens knows as “Pharaohs” of Egypt. These pyramids in Egypt are the monuments built by pharaohs in order to secure their life after death. The most perplexing fact of these pyramids in Giza is its construction method and purpose of creation. According to (Handwerk,1996)“The ancient engineering feats at Giza were so impressive that even today scientists can't be sure how the pyramids were built”. Ever since the discovery of the Giza pyramids, archeologists and engineering experts have been contemplating on the technique behind the construction of Giza pyramids. The experts have laid down few theories to unravel the mystery surrounding the construction of these mysterious monuments. Two of such theory is the “Davidovits Pyramid Theory” put forward by Joseph Davidovits in 1988, and the one claimed by Herodotus in 450 B.C. According to Davidovits, the Giza pyramids are built using stone blocks which are of geopolymeric nature. These blocks were made by means of alchemistry and had the ability of give ultimate perfection to the pyramid structure. While the theory of Herodotus states that the pyramid were constructed in a way staircase sets are made. Theories Regarding Mystery of Pyramids The mysterious nature of Egyptian Pyramids has led the researchers and scientist to attach various theories to explain its unique construction style. One of such theory is explained in the book “The Pyramids: An Enigma Solved” by Dr. Joseph Davidovits who was a French material scientist in 1988.Another one is put forward by Historian Herodotus in 450 BC. Davidovits is a scientist who studied extensively about ceramics and building materials. He claimed that Pyramids were not built of limestone but of concrete blocks, which are of synthetic nature. In the website (Davidovits,2005) writes that “ The Pyramids were built by using re-agglomerated stone (a natural limestone treated like a concrete), and not with huge carved blocks, hauled on fragile ramps”. On the other hand, the pyramid construction theory launched by Herodotus claimed that Giza pyramids were made in the fashion of staircase construction, which some may refer as “altar steps” or ‘battlements”. According to this theory, the Egyptian men made the base for the pyramids first and then lifted the limestone blocks with the aid of short timber lever and placed them in different tiers. These two theories possess certain logical facts; however they are not completely helpful in unlocking the mystery of Giza pyramids construction. The theory of “Davidovits” does not mention the reason for the existence of abundant tools at the quarry site of pyramids. Even the suggestion of "Davidovits" that wooden molds are used for constructing blocks is invalid due to the varied shape and size of these blocks. So a more reliable theory is that of Historian Herodotus stated in 940BC that the pyramid construction is in parallel with staircase construction. The Supporting Theory of Giza Pyramids: Herodotus in his theory explained that the construction of pyramid was in parallel with that of staircase construction. As per (Krystek,1998) “Some of the earliest history of the Pyramid comes from a Greek the historian and traveler Herodotus of Halicanassus. He visited Egypt around 450 BC and included a description of the Great Pyramid in a history book he wrote” This is a logical concept as we can see the spiral movement of pyramid structure from the base to the top. Herodotus noted the information provided by his Egyptian guides about the thousands of men worked on the construction site for many years to attain a valid conclusion. He is somewhat sensible in stating that timber Read More
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