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Ancient cultures - Essay Example

The difference on the three representation is on the posture adopted. Roman art was characterized by extreme use of realism and verism especially during the republican time. The human face was represented using faces with wrinkles showing signs of aging to show the value of their ancestors and heritage. One such art was the “portrait head of an Elder,” which was made in 80BCE and had wrinkles all over the face and sagging skin. This was a change from previous art where the ancestors we represented using masks. Another changed portrayal of human was the Seated scribe, which was made between 2450 and 2325 BCE in Egypt. This portrait was a depiction of the sedentary way of life by scribes, which results in flabby appearance (royal-athena galleries Web). The portrait head of an elder that showed respect for the elderly who were considered wise, the Seated scribe demonstrated effects of sedentary life. Standing Buddha was a depiction of the effects of intermixing between Greek and Buddhist. As opposed to previous Buddhist, art, which was, represented Buddha as stupa, Bodhi tree, wheel, empty seat, and footprints. This portrait show the naturalism associated with the Buddhist. Generally, the “portrait head of an Elder” Standing Buddha and Seated Scribe demonstrated increased sophistication in art (royal-athena galleries Web). 2) Discuss the emergence of public art and architecture in ancient cultures. Provide three examples from different cultures that demonstrate the use of art and architecture

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Religious Expression's relation to ancient cultures through Greek and Roman times
Of course, slaves and women didn’t have the same type of freedom that land-owning, free men did—but that did not mean that such people were excluded from religious tradition. The temple cultus in Rome was a strong institution that peaked in the 1st Century ADE, was broken down by the beginnings of early Christianity, and overshadowed at times by the Greek gods.
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Ancient Chinese Contributions
One of the ancient cultures that have heavily contributed towards human advancement is the Chinese culture.For years they have been inventing novice advancements that have helped in solving various issues experienced by human beings.These inventions were all created to serve a certain purpose and the main purpose served by these inventions was to make human life better.
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Discussing the ancient hebrews and AT LEAST one other ancient culture
In the ancient times, the creation stories were used to explain the formation of different phenomena. This includes explanations on how the earth was formed, including everything on the earth. Some creation stories also explained important historical events that occurred in the past in a particular culture, as well as the founding of a country or empire1.
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Ancient art
It is a Roman replica of a famous work of Praxiteles in the Hellenistic period. The second work is The Tyche of Antioch, also a bronze statue located in the first to second century CE in Syria, during the Roman Period. Sculpted by Tartus it is also a Roman replica of the work of the Greek sculptor Eutychides of Sikyon.
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Homosexuality in ancient cultures
Literature both from the Classical World and contemporary sources' portray Greek, Roman and Spartan culture as being dominated by the "Alpha Male"; tales of the ever strong and immortal gods-bloodthirsty generals and emperors such as Caesar and Brasidas.
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Ancient and Medieval Cultures
God was pleased with few people like Jacob and Abraham and blessed them a lot. God loved Adam and Eve even though they displeased God by their disobedience. Also, in the book of ‘Genesis’ we can see God sending angels to earth. No
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Compare the role of Confucianism in ancient China and Japan. How did Confucianism affect the lives of people and what contributions did this religion make to cultures of the countries and what ways did they influence the native religions
The truth is that Confucius wished to see China return to the old order of doing things, as he believed that in past times, there was a perfectly harmonious world. In this world, he believed that everyone had a role in society and that everyone worked as
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A good example to begin with would be the ‘Declaration of Independence’ which is nothing but a collection of moral judgments whether we accept it or not. According to the Declaration, “all men are created equal, that they are
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Hospitality is one of the chief virtues of ancient and heroic cultures. Compare the nature and extent of the hospitality displayed in two of the following texts: Iliad, Odyssey, and Aeneid
On the other hand, Odyssey is a detail narrative of the encounters and experiences of Odyssious in the journey back from Ithaca. Generally, in both the narratives, hospitality is portrayed as a norm, and a tradition demanded by gods, as alliances are formed,
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Compare and contrast the cultures, art and architecture of the Prehistoric period with the ancient Egyptians. Include in your discussion the impact of the geography, economy and spiritual beliefs of each culture
6000 BC and also inclusive of the Protodynastic era. Therefore, the times of the prehistoric era were originally stated before the extensive archaeological excavation of Egypt occurred and recent discoveries showing very slow prehistoric development have
3 pages (750 words)Essay
to promote political ideas.  Introduction Since prehistoric times, human make use of art to represent their culture. Examples of public art and architecture used to demonstrate the way of life in ancient cultures are ‘The Great Stupa at the Sanchi’, which depicts Mauryan culture. Great Pyramids at Giza depicted the Egyptian Civilization while The Parthenon portrayed the Greek civilization. This essay discusses the three public arts to show the use of architecture in different ancient cultures. Great Stupa at Sanchi –Indus civilization Great Stupa at the Sanchi is one of the finest arts demonstrating the culture and architecture of the Mauryan Empire. The gateways to this monument are carved finely to depict Buddhist legends and lifestyle the teachings of Buddhist are inscribed on the 85,000 stupas. The gateways demonstrate tales of Buddha’s incarnations. Additionally, the inscriptions regarding the Buddha’s teachings, his life, sermons, and moment of enlightenment are inscribed (royal-athena galleries Web). The Great Stupa of the Sanchi depicts the urban life of the Indians. Structures such as the bath, granary, and drainage system applied in this art persist up to today. The art thus depicts the changing way of life of Indians. The Great Stupa at the Sanchi was constructed over a long period with additions being made at different times. Great Pyramids at Giza- Egyptian Civilization  The pyramids of Giza are considered the most popular monuments depicting the Egyptian civilization, which was one of richest civilization in the world. The pyramid depicts the great influence of the pharaohs particularly in the ancient Egyptian society. The pyramids, which comprise of massive stone structures, were constructed about 4500 years


Ancient Cultures 1) Discuss the changing conventions for representing the human figure in prehistoric and ancient art through comparison of the common examples “portrait head of an Elder” Standing Buddha and Seated Scribe  There have been numerous changes in the conventions for representing the human figure in prehistoric and ancient art…
Ancient cultures
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