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The Pyramids At Giza - Essay Example

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The pyramids at Giza are still one of the most marvelous and mysterious buildings on the planet. The writer of the paper "The Pyramids At Giza" discusses several theories concerning the way they were built and the reasons for constructing such enormous edifices…
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The Pyramids At Giza
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"The Pyramids At Giza"

Download file to see previous pages Christopher Dunn, an engineer, and craftsman are one of the promoters of the idea that the pyramids were built by a more advanced civilization. Dunn, 1998) claims that pyramids were not used as simple tombs for people, but they were developed as power plants that could develop energy from resonating with the earth. The researcher stresses that the size of pyramids as well as precision of the construction suggests that people could hardly build them with the help of technology and knowledge available at that time. Dunn (1998) adds that even modern technologies may fail to complete such demanding tasks.
However, the vast majority of researchers agree that the pyramids were built by people and these edifices served as tombs for great Pharaohs. Lacovara (2004) states that the pyramids were erected as a symbol of the might of Pharaohs and they stand in line with many other grand monuments created by people. Brabin (2010) provides a number of plausible arguments that show that the pyramids were created by people. Thus, archaeological findings show that there were settlements near the pyramids. These settlements were created for people who built the great edifices. Discoveries of Lehner support this assumption and provide new insights (Shaw, 2003). Shaw (2003) stresses that Lehner found remnants of food that show the way the builders were treated, and it is clear that those were not slaves but free workers who got enough food and good shelter. Of course, there are still open questions as to the time needed for building the pyramids. Brabin (2010) suggests that the construction could last 300 years while Petroski (2004) assumes that even 23 years could be enough if the technology of using the pyramids as planes to lift huge blocks was used. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Pyramids At Giza Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“The Pyramids At Giza Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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