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Select and write a on a topic/issue of individual interest but more importantly, of relevance to the course material - Research Paper Example

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Several millennia after the collapse of this civilization, its effects can still be felt. The Egyptian civilization is the greatest civilization known to man. Apart from the vast wealth and…
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Select and write a research paper on a topic/issue of individual interest but more importantly, of relevance to the course material
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"Select and write a on a topic/issue of individual interest but more importantly, of relevance to the course material"

Download file to see previous pages hitecture since most houses were built of mud bricks, they participated in religion and had priests and temples with gods curved out of stones or molded from gold and other precious metals. (Gadalla, p. 296)
The cohesive structure of the community has been replicated by many kingdoms after it including the Romans. The strong Egyptian army at that time ensured that the civilization lasted for more than 3000 years; no other civilization has even come close to that. Level of medicine of this civilization can only be rivaled by modern day healthcare, if not better. First of all, ‘mummification’ of dead bodies remains a mystery to this day. Professional analysis of mummies has revealed that ancient Egyptians practiced surgery and drug prescription was also done, a papyrus reed was discovered to support this claim. It is also worth noting that archeological evidences show that antibiotics were already in existence during that time. The destruction of the Great Library at Alexandria leading to the destruction of more than 400000 books was a major setback to both history and science. Even though many claim that Roman civilization is the greatest, these books could have revealed knowledge far much wide and complex that could have changed the world’s perception of the Romans (Trigger ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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