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History of Mankind - Essay Example

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The complexity of human history is due to the mysterious facts which remain unveiled amidst the intensive effort of man. Researches and studies in human origin and culture are only able to give us a glimpse of the human history, leaving uncertainties which are yet to be uncovered.
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History of Mankind
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"History of Mankind"

Download file to see previous pages During this period, environment became the greatest factor affecting the culture of mankind. Existence was primarily dependent on the ability of an individual to adapt to his environment. Men in Paleolithic era were nomads who travel from one place to another, relying on the availability and access to natural resources for survival. Hunting and fruit-gathering societies abound in this period and these activities served as their sole livelihood. People survived by hunting wild animals and birds, fishing, and collecting fruits and nuts. Though people relied on hunting, only very simple tools for hunting were developed as their technology was still primitive.
The earliest evidence of the people of the lower Paleolithic communities was found in Europe (Schick). Some historians refer to the Lower Paleolithic era as the "chopper" period because during this age, the earliest stone tools known as "chopper" were developed. Production of these stone tools was through the utilization of pebbles or pieces of rocks. Such tools were found in the Jordan River Valley and in some areas of Jerusalem and Palestine (Schick). The tools indicate the budding of technology at such an early stage.
The people during the Paleolithic era were referred to as "Homo habilis." Their survival is also dependent on the availability of resources as peop...
The people during the Paleolithic era were referred to as "Homo habilis." Their survival is also dependent on the availability of resources as people still rely on wild plants, fruits and meat from hunted animals.

The excavated burned rocks in Lower Paleolithic societies indicate that man had stumbled upon the essential discovery of fire at a later stage. Some circles of stones used by these societies believed to have been used as centers for family gatherings lead to the belief that Lower Paleolithic societies place a high value on family.

Middle Paleolithic

Civilization in the Middle Paleolithic began about 200,000 years ago. People during this period are known as Neanderthals, whose traces were first discovered in France.

The technology during this period was more developed than that of the Lower Paleolithic era as improved versions of stone tools were used for hunting and self-defense. Excavated artifacts showed some evidence of ritual observance among Middle Paleolithic communities. Evidence also showed that rituals were carried out during burials. High regard for family members is also evident as people in this period nurse their ailing elders (Sanders et al.).

Upper Paleolithic

The Upper Paleolithic period began around 35,000 to 10,000 years ago. Technological discoveries have facilitated the spread of people across Asia, Europe, and Africa.

Knowledge in science and technology blossomed during the era as significant leaps are attained in the field of arts and infrastructure. People during the period had obtained the necessary know-how on construction of temporary dwelling made of branches and animal skins. The discovery of metal tools, pendants, necklaces and bracelets of shells, bone and ivory highlights the development of arts. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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