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Social Change Human Impacts on Global Environmental Change - Research Paper Example

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Social Change Research Paper: "Human Impacts on Global Environmental Change" Date Abstract The essay aims to proffer issues pertinent to work and life experiences to include explanation on the impact of human activity on global environmental change…
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Social Change Research Paper Human Impacts on Global Environmental Change
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Extract of sample "Social Change Human Impacts on Global Environmental Change"

Download file to see previous pages "Human Impacts on Global Environmental Change" People from all over the world have been affected by drastic effects of changes in the contemporary environment. The impact of these environmental changes has been so unexpected and severe that scholars, scientists and environmentalists are alarmed at possible repercussions to future generations. The environmental history timeline reveals that monitoring changes in the environment have originated from ancient times, more than 60,000 years ago, as information is still being continually collated and updated by William Kovarik, a professor from the Radford University (Kovarik, 2001). In this regard, the essay aims to proffer issues pertinent to work and life experiences explaining the impact of human activity on global environmental change. The discourse would initially present an overview of global environmental change in general; prior to expounding on the identified factors that have been instrumental in environmental changes in contemporary times. ...
Systems (GECFS) website defined global environmental change (GEC) as “changes in the physical and biogeochemical environment, either caused naturally or influenced by human activities such as deforestation, fossil fuel consumption, urbanisation, land reclamation, agricultural intensification, freshwater extraction, fisheries over-exploitation and waste production” (Global Environmental Change and Food Systems (GECFS), N.D., p. 1). The extensive scope of GEC has been recognized in the Earth System Science Partnership (ESSP) report where the inclusive elements in the definition are effectively illustrated in the following table, as Box 1 (Earth System Science Partnership, N.D., p. 8): These definitions and scope reveal that GEC are caused by external natural factors and induced by human activity. The influence of human activity is diverse and wide ranged contributing to the drastic effects that are currently being experienced on a global scale. As various reviews of relevant literatures on the subject, the increased risk to human health is prime consideration and various government and international agencies are vigilant on these concerns. Effects of GEC The World Health Organization (WHO) has clearly illustrated the effects of GEC particularly impinging on human health. The illustration below summarized the health impacts of GEC and impairment in the world’s ecosystem, to wit: Source: (World Health Organization (WHO), 2011). As shown, the escalating human pressure on global environment through the elements such as climate change, ozone depletion, forest clearance, land degradation, wetlands damage, biodiversity loss, depletion and contamination of freshwater resources, urbanization and damage to coastal reefs and ecosystems have direct, ecosystem-mediated and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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