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Human Impacts on Global Environmental Change - Research Paper Example

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Human Impacts On Global Environmental Change By Human Impacts on Global Environmental Change Abstract The aim of this research paper is to highlight the human impacts on the changes in the environment globally…
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Human Impacts on Global Environmental Change
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Extract of sample "Human Impacts on Global Environmental Change"

Download file to see previous pages To achieve the above objective, the paper is going to focus on the different dimensions environmental changes are taking, how different nations are engaged and react to its effects, how environmental changes is an important issue globally, highlight the responsible communities, individuals and groups; and analyzes how different bodies have come up to address this issue, including set up laws and treaties. Introduction International bodies and human rights are relevant in setting up obligations, targeting to light the multiple constrains facing environmental changes, especially in the developing countries and countries of sustainable development. Such bodies like the United Nations and Legal human rights are obliged to ensure that nations act in ways to protect individuals and communities from human rights violation. Human activities have been witnessed to have adverse impact on the environment as well widespread and serous violation of the laws set aside to protect the environment, calling for the intervention of the world governing bodies. One particular co-operation is the inequities between developing and developed countries with their respective citizens being addressed according to affirmative actions legal principles. The frameworks, adopted by unions and the international bodies, are demonstrated in the paper, indicating how this environmental change issue is important to the human beings and planet earth. It is evident that human activities have had both positive and negative impacts to the changes in the environment globally. Human beings are responsible for the depletion of the global environment through process such as toxic emissions, deforestation, and nuclear activities. To react to these destructions on the environment, human beings have come up with measures and laws to protect the same environment. Historical, Economic, Social and Cultural Dimensions of Environmental Changes There are several historical, social, economic and cultural issues that are explicitly recognized as being relevant in relation to environmental changes. The social dimension of environmental changes is taking an equity consideration, when it comes to developing countries. Such countries are now actively involved in international decision making processes on environmental changes. The developing countries are also involved in building their capacity in making and implementation of collective decisions and incorporating both equity and efficiency in mitigation analysis and adaptation measures. Economically, these dimensions in relation to environmental changes are focused on measuring the economic cost and mitigation policies. This takes into consideration the inter-temporal and ethics equity issues. Considering environmental changes in relation to adaption policies and mitigation, the developing countries have to develop the capacity to implement adaption polices, depending not just on natural and man made capital but on institutions also (Deep Solar Minimum, 2009) Their responses to the changes in the environment have to rely on both policies and capacities and the interrelation between the two. Future actions in relation to environmental changes include: initiating action among developing countries and promoting cost efficient means of reducing emissions by strengthening the trading schemes. This can be easily achieved by the inclusion of technological cooperation by the international communities to improve the effectiveness of investments in areas such ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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