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The Ancient World in the News - Essay Example

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Name Subject Date The Ancient World in the News Alexandria, one of the greatest Egyptian cities, was built in aligns with the rising sun on the birthday of Alexander the Great, reports Stephanie Pappas, a senior writer at Discovery News…
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The Ancient World in the News
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"The Ancient World in the News"

Download file to see previous pages Magli further speaks of King’s star Regulus which became visible near the sun during those days. Unfortunately, the Regulus phenomenon does not occur nowadays due to earth’s orbit change. Pappas’ article, however, indicate the strong bonds between architecture and astronomy in the ancient world. While the general public would be interested to realize that even the great pyramids of Gaza would have been built precisely in reference with stars, the archeological scholars are already on the way to establish the solar pattern by examining other cities built by Alexander the Great. Hence, it may also lead them to find the king’s tomb which is hidden for more than 2000 years. The Google Earth satellite imagery survey has located two complexes in Egypt. Theses two possible pyramid complexes are almost 90 miles apart, writes Rossella Lorenzi. On closer examination both these formations have similar features of pyramid complexes. Though the images obviously have enough of pyramidal evidence, it will not be verified unless field research is conducted. However, this piece of news will be interesting to archeological students and enthusiasts because the description it provides has minute details of the formation. The formation is located about 1.5 miles east of Dimai, one of the ancient towns. The sight has three mounds in a specific formation that are identical with formation of Giza Plateau Pyramids. The researcher, further, points out the color of the mounds as the darker appearance of the mound resembles the mud brick walls of Dimai. As per the article, Dimai, which had been founded in third century BC, had reached its heights during the first and second century AD, mainly benefiting from the prominent trade rout it had. The city however was abandoned in the middle of the third century AD. Nonetheless, these are potential pyramid sites, which resemble the 13th Dynasty Egyptian Pyramids, yet to b discovered by the Egyptologists. The discoveries made at field session conducted by Mary-Ann Pouls Wegner, director of excavation and a professor at the University of Toronto, revealed the secrets at the ‘Terrece of the Great God’, which is a holy place in the ancient Egypt. Abydos was the burial place of the earliest kings of Egypt. The great God of the underworld Osiris was believed to be buried in Abydos. Hence, Egyptians would carry an image of Osiris from the temple constructed in Abydos to his tomb and celebrate it with rituals, writes Owen Jarus. Pouls Wegner talks about the clear evidences discovered during the field examination with regards to the jubilation and fanfare at this procession. The team also discovered a monumental building in which a chamber was filled with mummies of animals. The animals included sheep, goats, a cat and mostly dogs. The next chamber had a wooden statue wearing a headdress of a pharaoh. The extremely thin waist of this wooden statue, somehow, suggested Wegener to examine the large stone statues of Hatshepsut, the female Pharaoh of Egypt almost 3500 years ago. Wegener, however, is reluctant to identify the wooden statue with the female Pharaoh. As a matter of fact, the team will continue to explore this dismaying land which probably has many challenges yet to be solved, writes Owen Jarus. Discussing the above news articles proves the fact that most of the answers to the mystical puzzles regarding pyramids are objects of speculations. The prime difficulty in this issue is that Egyptians ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Ancient World in the News Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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