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Question Respone - Assignment Example

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This is because everyone desires that they all are available in their lives. Liberty, equity, and democracy ensure that people coexist peacefully without conflicts. If one misses in the life of individuals it…
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Question Respone
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Extract of sample "Question Respone"

The ideals of liberty, equity, and democracy apply to everyone. This is because everyone desires that they all are available in their lives. Liberty, equity, and democracy ensure that people coexist peacefully without conflicts. If one misses in the life of individuals it complicates the entire environment leading to conflicts. Liberty ensures that people respect one another’s rights; equity makes sure that individuals do not oppress each other and democracy maintains unity in a nation. This therefore, explains why it is important for everyone to learn about them (Candy 235).
Women are equal to men; at least it is the way the creator intended them to be. However, this has not been the case. They do not share the opportunities that are available with the men. The male has had supremacy over the women for a long time. The men are tyrannical in several ways. They include making women submit to laws and at the same time withdraws her rights and the rights given to men who do not deserve. The man deprives the woman rights to representation in legislation. The man makes the woman appear dead in the eyes of law; the woman has no right to property and views her to have a lot of impunity. Man frames the laws of divorce and taxes her at any chance he thinks it will be of profit to him. Man denies women positions in high places and only allows her to have subordinate positions. Any employment that looks profitable has been monopolized by man making women follow and man always having all the wealth. Man denies the woman a chance to obtain education and claims to have a right to assign the woman spheres of action (Susan 235-238). On the farmer’s view on his wife, it is evident that there are assumptions about the existing relationships between husband and wife. The wife should be submissive to the farmer and Farnham feels that the farmers opinions could cause main differences between them (Farnham 238-240).
Nat turner led an insurrection in Virginia. He was in the company of a band of other labels, they killed around fifty-five whites and more than 25 children then they were captured and executed. He did this to demonstrate that slaves had the desire to have freedom and were desperate to get it. His experience as a child contributed highly to his actions later in life. The whites realized he was an intelligent child and had already declared that he would grow to serve as a slave. He grew up in mystery and decided he would never serve as a slave to anybody. He ended up as a slave, and he got great influence on other servants and had a calling to perform the duty of revolutionizing the slavery (Gray 259-263).
Slavery is a good idea because it indicates the character of a free society. It is also a good idea since there lacks acknowledgement of moral truths. It takes place hand in hand with poverty, diseases, idiocy, deformity, and other inequality conditions in human life. The writer argues that slavery is not a sin. It is not against God’s will and therefore we cannot say that it is contrary to God’s will. He argues that it was commanded through Moses. However, I feel that every man should set himself against it. This is because it dehumanizes individuals and tortures them. Those in slavery end up in poverty and being overworked at the same time (Henry 263-267).
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Question Respone Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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