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How global warming disrupts North American wildlife - Research Paper Example

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This paper talks that in the north Americas much like the rest of the world, it has been a cause for climatic imbalances and anomalies of nature. North American wildlife has borne the brunt of the silent yet steady effects of global warming. …
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How global warming disrupts North American wildlife
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Download file to see previous pages s like sparrows, swallows, song birds, wood peckers etc help in facilitating pollination of plants that characterise the nature of forests found in the north American region consisting of fire-plants, maple foliages, evergreen trees etc. Animals like deer, squirrels etc help in distributing seeds through dispersed food and seeds in their faeces. The migration of these agents of botanical diversity and generation may cause the forests to gradually diminish in terms of their size, structure and density. Effects of Global Warming on Bio Diversity and North American Wildlife The Wild Life Society, a 9000 member strong community of wild life professionals, produced a study on effects of global warming on wildlife, is the first comprehensive study of the impact of global warming on North American Wildlife. (Pegg 1) The work conducted by The Wild Life Society is adding to the growing body of scientific work that suggests that global warming may pose the greatest threat to biodiversity wiping out rare and endangered species and reducing typical forests to barren land. A study by the National Wildlife Federation has projected that there will be “disruption of essential ecological processes, displacement or disappearance of coastal wetland species, significant loss of coastal marshes and disruption of alpine and Arctic ecosystems” (Wetkit News 1) Some of the Salient finding s of the study conducted by the NWF includes: The report's major findings include: A Projected rise in the sea level due to global climate change. This may cause some wildlife species to abandon their habitat in search of inland areas or disappear entirely if their lowland wetlands are rapidly eroded by the sea. "Even a small amount of warming may eliminate some wetland plant and animal species in alpine...
This paper stresses that the threat to wildlife is more visible further up the latitudes in the regions of Alaska, British Columbia, and Northwest territories etc. Small changes in temperatures lead to magnified effects in terms of ecology shift, higher death rates of animal species and abandoning of habitat.
This report makes a concluiosn that out of all the species found in the places further up the latitudes in the cold and arid regions of Alaska and Canada, the polar bear and some seal species are the most threatened. It has been forecasted that these two species may be the first to become extinct if global warming continues to affect the ecology. Moreover the forecast given by scientists and researchers did not take into account the adverse and extent of damage to ecology due to climatic imbalances. The study on North American Wildlife by National wildlife Foundation, an organisation dedicated to research and progress on wildlife conservation, spells out a certain threat. The author talks that the radical change in climatic conditions will affect the habitat and living conditions of virtually every species. As temperatures increase, these species will move up the latitudes in search of cooler areas. The shift of the range of habitat and animal life that depends on them will shift northwards. This means that species of animals would have to shift northward to continue living in a favourable environment. Many species in this process will become extinct due to lack of a habitat. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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