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The Cold Assisted Symbiotic Germination with Mycorrhizal Support - Assignment Example

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The researcher was aimed at such objectives:
1. Utilization of cold treatments or stratification
2. Symbiotic germination of the seed by application of the mycorrhizal fungi.
3. Further study of the mycorrhizal fungi obtained from the mature root resembling structures of the P. leucophaea orchid…
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The Cold Assisted Symbiotic Germination with Mycorrhizal Support
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Extract of sample "The Cold Assisted Symbiotic Germination with Mycorrhizal Support"

Download file to see previous pages It is evidently clear from the discussion that historically, the P. leucophaea could be found at the east of the river Mississippi and in Missouri and Iowa. Scattered populations have also come across Illinois, Maine, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, New York, Virginia, and Wisconsin in the U.S. It has been also noticed in the Ontario region of Canada. Nobody has observed this plant species in Oklahoma for the last one and a half centuries. The chief factor responsible for the decline in the population of P. leucophaea has been defined as a loss of apposite habitat because of conversions for arable land, grazing, human settlements, fire suppression, etc. Finally, by the late twentieth century, the statistical estimation shows a 70% fall in the overall population of this orchid species. On these backgrounds, the plant has been defined as a threatened species of orchid in the United States. Hence, a scientific recovery plan has been initiated by the artificial cultivation of the plant inside controlled settings. Researches have been successfully conducted for the purpose of bionic propagation of the endangered species. The methods involved in the process of this research explicitly involved separation of the fungi and its subsequent characterization followed by seed assemblage, sowing, and sophisticated incubation of the orchid. The fungi that developed were separated from the cortical cells found inside the tangentially originating branch roots of the orchid. Cultures of the fungi demonstrated that the absence or presence of polyphenol oxidase coupled with cellulase matter provides for a way for identifying the mycorrhizal fungi (obtained from the orchid) to genus. Further, seeds were collected from the ripe yellow colored nodules of the P. leucophaea. They were stratified in apt darkness levels and kept in moistened paper towels. Next, they were surface sterilized and then studied under light microscopy. An assorted sample of the seeds was further studied by dissection microscopy to examine seed germination and developmental stages of the seedling. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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